Burning Up!

Last Saturday we took the kids to see the Jonas Brothers Concert Movie. My oldest had it all worked out before she asked me to go. “Mom, it would be so much cheaper for you to take me to see them at the movie theater than it would be to take me to see them LIVE in concert.” She is right. “Besides, Mom, you know we would never be able to get tickets to their concert anyway.” She is right about that also.
As a parent, I like the Jonas Brothers. They have good, clean, fun, upbeat songs that I like to listen to along with my kids. Shhhh, don’t tell them, but I listen to the CD’s sometimes when they are at school. 🙂 (Yes, kids, I know you read this too!) Anyway, I have to say I was not really looking forward to seeing this movie. I think it is because I didn’t think it would be very good watching them at the movie theater versus seeing them live. I have been to many concerts over the years, being a music connoisseur myself. There is nothing like watching a band play live. However, I was pleasantly surprised! The 3 dimensional quality to the movie made it as if you were really there at the concert. It was filmed in NY city and titled, “Burning Up Tour.”
I got a kick out of looking over at the kids and seeing them sitting so still and quiet. The only song I saw my son (who loves the Jonas Brothers) singing to out loud was “Burning Up.” I never once saw either of my daughters singing along. I could never go to a concert without singing, dancing and clapping…including this one. The only difference was that I didn’t stand up to dance…just wiggled around in my chair. I am sure my kids thought I was so crazy, who knows, they might have been a tad bit embarrassed that their mom was scootin around, singing out loud. One time, my youngest asked me to stop singing. I didn’t care, I was having fun and enjoying the music. It was dark and our family was the only people on our row of seats (that surprised me!). I really don’t think anyone was watching.
I finally can now tell you which Jonas Brother is which. Before the movie, I couldn’t tell you which one was Joe, Kevin or Nick. I would always ask the girls, “Now which one is that?” I’m glad we went and would recommend your family to see it.
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