Answering Machine Message:

“We can’t answer the phone right now, we are out making a snowman. It’s snowing!!! Leave a message and we’ll get back with you later. Thanks for calling.”

Last year we were blessed with snow before Christmas and Christmas day. Today was the first snow since last winter. We were all excited to see the huge flakes falling from the sky. I spent the afternoon snuggled up in my new Sherpa blanket my In-Law’s gave me for Christmas reading by the bay window in our bedroom. It is beautiful to look up from reading and see the landscape blanketed in white…so incredibly peaceful and soothing.

Finally at about 4:30pm my daughter could not stand another minute. “Mom, can we PLEASE go sledding?” {with a look of pure angelic pleading} Sunday, being the Sabbath day, we don’t normally do things of that nature. After some research about what the weather might do tomorrow my husband & I decided we should make an exception. It will get warmer and the snow might melt before they get home from school tomorrow. The kids were elated!

The hubby & I decided to help them build a snowman. We are such novices at snowman building being we live in the south. The snow is so powdery that it was difficult to roll it into a big ball. I did not give up. I was going to get my photo of a snowman no matter what! If I was going to put on a hundred layers and get out in the freezing cold weather, I was going to build a snowman! Honestly, it’s pathetic! It’s probably one of the worst snowman in the history of time, but Oh well! {I know I burned a few calories doing it as well!}

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Loving the Snow,


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