Answer: Robbers Cave

So only one person here and one person on Facebook guessed the answer for our riddle.  Both were right.  I don’t think I have written a riddle since grade school.  We had fun putting it together.

Robbers Cave State Park‘s name derives from it being a former hideout for infamous outlaws Jesse James and Belle Starr.  DH {Dearest Husband} and I have been wanting to take the kids there for a long time now.  So after spending the week gardening, we packed up a picnic and spent the day at the park.  The caves there are breathtaking!  We had so much fun climbing on all the rocks.  Our Son is working on his Second Class rank advancement for Boy Scouts and needed to go on a 5 mile hike.  The trail sign said, “allow 2 and a half hours for this hike.”  We were thinking it couldn’t be that bad.  Oh. My.  It was the most challenging hike I have ever been on filled with climbing millions of rocks up and down hills.  While our Son ran ahead of us because we “were slowing him down,” our youngest daughter plugged along and only had to stop for a few water breaks.  She said as long as she was able to ride the paddle boats when we were done, she would continue walking.  That’s my girl…goal in mind to keep her motivated.  I enjoyed listening to my oldest daughter keep me updated with the latest in’s and out’s of ‘teendom.’  It took us an hour and a half.  {I was so glad to work off all the calories I ate the night before at Red Lobster!}

This was a wonderful day together!  The State Park was completely FREE except for the paddle boats.  We are looking forward to going back again in the future.

Family, it’s about TIME,


  1. I am thrilled that you got to visit one of our favorite camping places. The pictures remind us so much of our hiking we did there too. Thanks so much for sharing these. What a good thing for your family to do. love, Mom

  2. I figured you would know the answer to the riddle. 🙂

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