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Last year, American Idol became quite the family ‘affair’ in our household. We enjoyed rooting on members of our church, Brooke White and David Archeleta. We were in San Diego on our vacation when we watched the season finale and David Cook (we like him too!) become the next American Idol. It is funny to hear my son say, “that was too pitchy;” as if he is an expert in voice. LOL!

My 5 year old in great anticipation on Wednesday told me, “I know who will be the winner and who will be the loser!” “You do?” I reply. “Adam will be the winner and Lil is going to LOSE.” (with great emphasis on the last word) I laughed out loud as she stared at me in disgust. She talks as if she is much older. She just takes me by surprise when she says such ‘grown’ up things and it makes me laugh. I can’t help it. The problem is…she doesn’t like for anyone to laugh at what she says…thus the look of disgust. Nor does she like it when you retell anything she says. (good thing she doesn’t know how to read very well…so I know she can’t read my posts) 🙂

Other family predictions:

  • Teenage daughter: “probably Adam.”
  • Son: “Matt”
  • Hubby: “Adam”
  • Me: Adam, although I like Matt and Chris also.

My son and I were VERY SHOCKED when Matt had the lowest votes this week. Maybe it was a case of people thinking he would get enough votes, so they didn’t vote for him. At least I hope so. I am glad he was given a second chance because I think he sings much better than Lil or Anoop…or maybe I should say I like his style better than the latter. Disco week should be very interesting.

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  1. Yep, I’m lovin’ American Idol! I think Adam will win too. I heard it’s rigged, but that BETTER be a lie! It’s just a fact that he’s the most talented. Although I really like Danny and Chris also. I like Matt, but I don’t think he’s got a chance. Your littlest one sounds so funny! I’m looking forward to getting to know your kiddos better!

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