"Always Something There to Remind Me"

Okay, so I have been stalling my “report” about my 20 year high school reunion. To be honest, mainly to not come across as a big complainer.

The best thing about my 20 year reunion was seeing people I didn’t see at my 10 year reunion. Overall, though, I enjoyed the 10 year better. I’m not saying I thought my 20 yr. was a total waste of time, not at all. I am glad I went.

Brief Summary:

*place was way too small…cramped
*music way too loud
*NOT ENOUGH 80’s music for a class that graduated in the 80’s
*lost my voice because I had to yell to talk to people
*too “clicky”

I am afraid I am getting old…I sound like a “stick in the mud.” This is just my honest opinion. I am sure to many others there it was totally different (especially the ones who were heavily intoxicated.)

I am afraid the smallness of the place it was held in made it difficult to be more open with people. The volume of the music did not lend to conversing much either. Anyway, I hope I will be able to keep in touch with some friends I had lost touch with over the years. There were many I wished would have come and did not.

I would like to thank every person who told me they thought I looked exactly the same! The ego trip alone was worth going, whether you meant it or not! 🙂


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  1. I like this wallpaper the best! I think you can stop changing it now! ha ha. you look really good in your pictures! I like that dress!

  2. Suzanne, I like this wallpaper too! ha ha ha! I think I will let it stay for a while. I was having trouble finding one I liked or that “fit”, so I changed it quite a bit. I like change though! Anyway, thank you for your compliments! Our photographer did a great job! Thank you for helping me choose that dress! 🙂

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