You Smile, I Smile :) {iheartfaces}

Today after church my youngest daughter and I had a mini photo shoot in honor of her upcoming 8th birthday.

Turning 8 is especially great for her and our family because she has chosen to be baptized on her special day.  Yesterday we were excited to find my oldest daughter’s white patten leather dress shoes {from when she was 8}.  We took out a beautiful dress, also a hand me down from Sister, {but still in wonderful shape & sentimental} and laid it out for her to wear today to church.  After church was the perfect time to snap a few shots at the local garden park.  However, the wind and lighting were not cooperating.  Practical me, I was determined.  So we persevered.  The camera loves my daughter and she loves the camera.  It’s definitely a mutual relationship.  My oldest daughter {sophomore in High School} has already pledged her love to the camera…she knows her major will be photography in college.  Today my youngest daughter says she plans to be a photographer as well.

Sigh…not a bad dream I dare say.

It’s been a while since I entered an iheartfaces photo challenge.  I laughed when I read the photo needed to have wind incorporated. 😉

Smile on,


  1. Lovely colors! Beautiful shot!

  2. Sweet shot!
    Melissa recently posted..I Heart FacesWind

  3. she is adorable… but i do hate days where the wind never seems to die down… cute picture regardless!

  4. Thank you girls for taking the time to visit and comment. 😉

  5. Great picture! I was just wondering the other day when A’s birthday is. What day is her baptism?

  6. Hi Shan! Thank you for your sweet and kind words! You left me so grateful for getting the honor of meeting you, i hope you know how much your words meant to me. I am sorry to hear about your accident, it’s such an awful thing to have to go through…the pain is awful sometimes…but I must move forward for my boys. I have learned to rely on others, and I don’t feel guilty for doing so. I hope you’ll stop by and visit my blog again…thank you again! Your words are exactly what I needed to hear! Hope you have a great week!


  7. Yeah, I laughed at this week’s theme, too! We’ve had nothing but wind lately!

  8. How special! The shoes, the dress, the baptism, the birthday, and last but not least…the girl! I love her!

  9. you used a justin bieber song lyric! i never would have though you would.

    • LOL, oh my. I promise you I did not consciously think about that. It must be from all the times I have heard the song! So funny! 😉

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