Wonderful Product!

I was just unloading my dishwasher and had to share this. Dishwasher Magic is awesome. I read about it on The Creative Homemaker and decided to give it a try. You put it in your dishwasher without dishes or soap. I ran it through a cycle yesterday. Today, I ran my first load of dishes since using the Dishwasher Magic and the dishes look sparkling clean and so does the dishwasher!!! It looks brand new again! Three cheers for Dishwasher Magic. I wish I would have known about it long before now. Thought I would share the joy. 🙂 (Mom, sorry you don’t have a dishwasher)

Love good products,

P.S.: It’s suggested you use it once a year to clean out your dishwasher. I’m sold! (found it at WM) Thanks again Creative Homemaker!!!


  1. That is so cool! Thanks for sharing!

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