Who Says Kids Can’t Cook?

One of my fabulous readers suggested I share some actual meals my kids have made.  What a great idea, Dani!  Thank You!

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Oven Fry for pork chops is really easy to use.

Here is my 8 year old preparing our thin sliced, boneless pork chops:

You start by dipping the pork chop in a whipped up egg

Then you dip the pork chop into the Oven Fry



Can you tell she likes doing this? 😉


After coated place in baking pan

Ready to bake!


























The meat always turns out nice and juicy, not dried out at all.  Follow the instructions on the box for temperature and baking instructions.  We find this on the baking isle next to the Shake & Bake.

I don’t remember what we made for side dishes that day.  Probably some vegetables from a can or frozen with rolls.




























Teach your child to cook today,


  1. Great idea! We just made Monkey Bread yesterday before church and the kids loved helping in the kitchen!
    ange recently posted..Random Thursday on a Monday

  2. Yeah for A! What does she make to go with it? Now I want to see the mushroom chicken and what you can get your son to cook!


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