White Christmas Week {in OK}

Happy New Year from familybringsjoy.com

snowangel familybringsjoy.com

‘baby’ girl’s snow angel

snowfall familybringsjoy.com

It’s not ‘normal’ to have snow in OK the week of Christmas

Using her new camera familybringsjoy.com

Taking a snow photo with her Santa gift 😉

blizzard familybringsjoy.com

Testing my new wide angle lens…thanks hubs {our backyard}

Winter Wonderland on Wordless Wednesday,


  1. Beautiful pictures! What a treat for your kiddos.
    I hope you can join us at Haven this year 😉

    • What are the dates? I’ll have to look it up. August is a rough month for me as the kids start back to school in early August. I sure would love to go & meet all of my good friends like you & Ange. That would be the highlight of my year! Thanks a million for the blog love. Hugs. Shan 🙂

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