What a Hoot! :)

A few months ago we were in the car and an old 80’s song came on the radio. It was one I had not heard in a while. My kids were arguing about something so I just turned up the music. At first they began to complain about the song…how horrible it was. Then I glanced back at my youngest and she was dancing in her seat with a big grin on her face. She said, “I like this song now, Mom.” It made me laugh.

Well, yesterday the very same song came on.

Daughter: “I don’t like this song, Mom, change the channel.”

Me: “Yes you do, remember? You said that last time you listened to it and you ended up liking it. Remember?”

Daughter: “I don’t think I will ever like this song, Mom.”

Oh, how it cracked me up! She said it with such loathing in the tone of her voice. She is always surprising me and making me laugh, I love that girl. 🙂

Had to write it down,

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