That is exactly what my family & I will be doing this week.

I will miss writing & seeing all the love y’all bring me.

Feel free to go back and read “old” entries.  I read recently how one blogger suggested NOT to date your posts.  It it supposed to ensure your posts don’t become “stale.”  I understand the viewpoint.  However, if I find a blog I enjoy, I will go back and read many older posts.  The date doesn’t really deter me much.  Each post is a little piece of history of my life.  I would hate to lose the dates.

So don’t let the dates keep you from finding great ideas to help you and your family!

Again, I want to thank you for your loyalty and support.

Vacations bring JOY,


  1. Enjoy your vacation!!!! I am a little jealous, wish we were going on a family vacation right now. Although I think moving to a new town is going to be like a vacation. I will go and read some old posts this week and enjoy you even though you aren’t blogging this week! Safe travels and blessings to your family!!!!
    Ange recently posted..Our Family

    • What a positive way of looking at moving Ange! Three cheers for your optimism!!! Thank you for your well wishes. I hope all is going well for you my friend.

  2. Have fun! I always enjoy looking back at what I wrote the year before. It is an archive of our previous selves before growth took place.
    Kristy recently posted..Trust

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