It’s Saturday and we are preparing to drive to Tulsa. We are meeting with the Kitchen Designer to get the final renderings for the kitchen. I can’t wait to see them. We are taking the whole family…this means Nintendo DS‘ for the kids while at the designers and movies for the road. Otherwise we begin to hear the “I’m bored” wining. Boy do our kids have it way better than I did when I was their age. My husband and I tell our kids how we just had the scenery to look at, only our parents music to listen to (no ipods), no cell phones to text our friends and definitely no TV’s watch movies on. They don’t care. They really have no reason to complain, or any reason to be bored.

Tonight we have an unusual event happening for hubby and I. We are going to a “Gala.” It is a fundraiser held by the hospital. I think we have only gone to one of these in the past since he has been out of residency. In order for my 5 year old to understand and not get upset that we are going on another date; (which is very unusual for us to go on too many dates) I told her we were going to a “Ball.” She was instantly excited for us thinking of all the Disney movies she has watched. We ordered a tuxedo for him and I was given permission (ha ha) to buy a new formal dress. I don’t think I have seen my husband wear a Tux since we were married! I’m looking forward to dressing up and more importantly DANCING! Oh how I miss going to dances. This will be such a treat to get out and do something different than our normal everyday casual routine.

I am hoping this finds everyone doing well and finding things in their life to be grateful for and enjoying being alive. Spent already too much time writing…need to finish getting ready.



  1. I wanna see him in a tux!!!!!

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