Tour De France Lingo

This morning I turned on the TV for my daughter. The Tour De France was on since it was the last channel played on the TV from DH’s (Dear Hubby) last nights viewing. If I had not already mentioned before in earlier posts, it is that time of year again…my husband’s obsession with watching the Tour De France on TV. This “Tour” is not a day thing. It is at least a month long, maybe longer. I forgot how long he said it was. All I know is that it’s the LAST thing I want to watch on TV and my kids concur wholeheartedly. 🙂 It just seems boring watching all those men ride around on their bikes. Anyway, whatever makes DH happy…and it is a good thing we have more than one TV in the house =). Back to this morning, I said out loud in a derogatory tone, “Tour De France!” My daughter then busts out, “Tour De STINKIN‘ France!” LOL!!!!! Oh my, another hilarious outburst from my youngest! So now we ALL call it the Tour De STINKIN‘ France. =) I just LOVE that girl, she keeps me laughing and enjoying each new day.

Enjoy your tour in this life,

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