Top Ten Things My Kids Fight Over

  1. Crazy Bread from Little Caesars
  2. Any type of ROLL (bread)
  3. Flour Tortillas
  4. Soft Drinks
  5. Remote Control
  6. Computer
  7. TV with DVR
  8. Music on the Radio
  9. Who Hit Who First
  10. Van Headphones

I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that the first 4 are food related. Sigh…

Do any of these things make your top 10 list of things your children fight over?

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  1. Who knew I would get hungry coming to read about what your kids fight about? LOL

    You know what drives me crazy? When my kids fight over imaginary things. How do you mediate a fight like that? 😉

  2. Sorry to make you hungry…lol 🙂

    Honestly I can’t even fathom my kids fighting over imaginary things. I sort of wish they had because they have never been the type to use their imagination. Not sure how you would mediate a fight like that, but I know you have smart kids! 🙂 Thanks for coming by Angie!

  3. My kids were perfect angels and never had fights!….OK that’s a right out lie. They too fought over many things and most of it was stupid stuff. But the good news is they did grow out of it. Me and my brothers and sister also fought when we were all living together. Not only do we NOT fight now, we don’t even argue with each other ( and yes, we all do speak to each other). So there is a light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how small or faint it may be.

  4. lol, my brothers and I used to fight about everything. I like what Dana said, there is a light at the end of the tunnel though 🙂


  5. Number 9 expanded to a general ‘who started it’. Plus, who got what toy out of who’s bedroom, who left the door open, and who didn’t flush the toilet.

  6. Lol!! How funny- I’m being driven mad by silly spats & my 2 are 14 & 4!! They both want the iPod, both want the seat next to me & both want each other to sit in a different spot to the one they picked!!! Arghhhhh- oh well, one day the house will be silent as I was reminded of this morning 🙁 & I will miss the spats.

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