Together Forever

In honor of my Husband & I celebrating our 16th Wedding Anniversary, I have put together the following:

16 reasons I love my husband (in no particular order)

1. He loves me.

2. He loves God & honors His Priesthood.

3. He shows me he loves me by performing acts of service.

4. He knows how important it is to allow me to have some “me time” & gives that time to me.

5. He is an excellent provider for our family. (& he lets me do the bills)

6. He doesn’t like basketball, golf or Heavy Metal music.

7. He likes to cook & prepare meals.

8. He takes me on dates. (& still opens the door for me)

9. He exercises & maintains a healthy body.

10. He likes to travel & takes time off of work so we can vacation together as a family.

11. We share the same faith, values & standards.

12. He is quick to forgive & be forgiven.

13. He spends quality time with the kids.

14. He makes notes in his iphone when I have suggestions about things & follows through.

15. He is happy if I am happy.

16. He loves me…even though I’m not perfect, even though I have weaknesses, even though I am very practical & don’t let him buy everything he wants, even though I am strong minded & outgoing…he still loves me.

It’s only the beginning of many years to come in our eternity together.
Happy Anniversary, Dear Husband 🙂 XX OO

All you need is LOVE,

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