This Mom’s Sweet Victory

Parade Rehearsal

Very early this morning, 1:45am to be exact, my oldest daughter and I groggily entered our van.  Her band and color guard are headed to Disney World to march in their parade.  The students needed to be at the High School by 2:00am so they could make their very early flight {almost 3 hour drive to airport.} I was surprised to find her fast asleep when I checked on her at 1:18 this morning.  She has been so excited I wondered if she would even fall asleep last night.  She would need her rest, so I’m glad she did sleep.

Let’s back up about a week.  One day my daughter hands me this index card:

excuse the paper weight












I was pleased to see she was thinking ahead and trying to be prepared.

“Mom can you come see if I have packed everything I need?” she asks on Sunday.  This is what I found when I entered her room:

each stack has the week day written on an index card















I wish I could have seen the look on my face.  This was one proud Mom.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I immediately asked her if I could take a photo.  She smiled and said yes.  I have never seen her this organized before a trip.  Last year she was blessed to attend Especially for Youth {a week long Youth Conference} at Brigham Young University.  I think she packed every shoe and every piece of clothing she owned.  Granted, being a girl, this is not highly unusual.  But lets just say, it highly lacked organization. {We highly VALUE organization in this family.}

work of art

I think she learned her lesson.  This was one of those rare moments for a Mom, or at least for me, where I felt such exquisite joy and satisfaction.  I was feeling as though I was witnessing some fruits of my labor.  These very special moments in a Mother’s life are like pure gold, sparkling when you look back at the memory.

Yesterday at suitcase drop off

So today I share a Mother’s triumph, a sweet victory.  I hope you will celebrate with me. 🙂

Daughter, you’re simply the best & I love you!  {BTW, thank you for letting me take a quick photo of you at the High School with your suitcase you got for Christmas. ;)}










Children Bring Joy,



  1. You always have your camera at the right moments and I never have mine! I’m glad to see the band picture from last Sat. She and Ms C will be twins — Ms C’s suitcase is red, too.

    • Dana, I had to go get my camera…lol. It helps when it is in the same vicinity already, yes. 🙂 Kiah loves her hot pink suitcase. She was kind enough to let me borrow it when I went to Blissdom in Nashville. Avery took video footage of Saturday’s rehearsal on my iphone. I plan on sharing that soon as well. Thank you for commenting. I’m so glad C & K have each other while they are gone. 😉

  2. She has learned well from you, Shannon. I am so proud of her too! I am totally amazed. I may have to try that technique myself. Have you heard that they have arrived yet? Are they staying on Disney property? Lots of wonderful memories of our trip there together. Some shivers too when I think about the weather and how unprepared we were for the cold. Love you, Mom

    • They arrived safe and sound. {I’ll call you with the particulars.} It was crazy how cold it was when we were there. Just the year before {same weekend}, I ran the Disney Marathon finishing with temps in the 80’s. So much fun being there with y’all. I love Disney World! I would go there every year if we could. DH doesn’t like it as much as I do. So glad her school had the opportunity to go. All the students have been saving money for a year preparing to go. Many kids said this was their first time to fly on an airplane or even leave Oklahoma. I’m happy for all of them. 🙂

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