The Best is yet to be…

It is shocking to see these before and now photos of our vegetable garden.


Spring Break Project

Cucumbers Sprouting April 11th

Side View of 'sprinkler system'

Used rocks to hold down the soaker hose

Carrots on April 11th



Fence is to deter deer & rabbits


Recent Garden Photo

So far, the only vegetable we have harvested are the peas.  Therefore, the best is yet to come.

Yummy veggies,


  1. My, how it has grown since we saw it last. Good job farmers!! Love, Mom

  2. It looks fabulous! I’m jealous 🙂 I hope y’all LOVE cucumbers, cucumber sandwiches, cucumber salads, cucumber and vinegar, salt and peppered cucumbers, pickles, cucumber and mud eye masks for you and all your girlfriends, and I hope you have plenty of neighbors who like the same….. 🙂 we usually only plant 3-4 single plants and that gives us enough cucumbers for our own family to eat, this year I only planted 2. Each of those yellow flowers on the plant will give you one cucumber and they will keep producing all season long. Also FYI pick them when they are only 5-7″ long, or else they might be bitter if you let them grow bigger. I am assuming you got a variety that you eat not pickle. It looks great, I LOVE it!

    • Yes, thanks to DH we will have PLENTY of cucumbers! lol…he wanted to make sure we would have plenty…I told him we would and yet he still bought 3 different types of cucumber plants. I am semi worried about the tomatoes. They don’t seem to be doing very well. But, who knows, they might be doing great, I’ve never done this before! Our strawberries never did bloom. 🙁 Thanks for your kind and encouraging words, Sheri. Wish y’all could visit and eat some of our cucumbers with us.

  3. Isn’t is just awesome, to watch your garden grow? It really gives me such a sense of satisfaction, and accomplishment. Yours looks so lovely & promising!
    I have a question though. How do you work the garden, with the fencing? We use DEER OFF, and it works wonders. We have no problems with animals in our gardens. We just spray this stuff around the bed now 7 then.
    Our strawberry bed, we did build a cover. Have you seen/read about our gardens on our blog? You can see photos of the strawberry bed cover Michael built that has worked perfectly. So you said your ‘strawberries’ never did bloom. Did you plant little plantings or…how did you try growing some? What variety are you trying to grow….Ever-Bearing or June Bearing? We are just growing June Bearing now. I know that the first year, you are supposed to de-flower the first flower blooms….not allowing them to turn into berries, to allow the roots to get established. Then….you can let them produce. But you won’t get that much the first year. Years 2 and 3 are much better. This is our 3rd year, and we are getting an AWESOME crop this year. Huge, beautiful, ripe berries. You also need to keep control of runners. Strawberries are kind of tricky to grow. I have yet to report on our gardens at the blog yet this warm season. But it’s coming! Growing all kinds of deliciousness. : P


  1. […] We used this wonderful resource to plan our family garden last year. […]

  2. […] We used this wonderful resource to plan our family garden last year. […]

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