Tour De France Lingo

This morning I turned on the TV for my daughter. The Tour De France was on since it was the last channel played on the TV from DH’s (Dear Hubby) last nights viewing. If I had not already mentioned before in earlier posts, it is that time of year again…my husband’s obsession with watching the Tour De France on TV. This “Tour” is not a day thing. It is at least a month long, maybe longer. I forgot how long he said it was. All I know is that it’s the LAST thing I want to watch on TV and my kids concur wholeheartedly. 🙂 It just seems boring watching all those men ride around on their bikes. Anyway, whatever makes DH happy…and it is a good thing we have more than one TV in the house =). Back to this morning, I said out loud in a derogatory tone, “Tour De France!” My daughter then busts out, “Tour De STINKIN‘ France!” LOL!!!!! Oh my, another hilarious outburst from my youngest! So now we ALL call it the Tour De STINKIN‘ France. =) I just LOVE that girl, she keeps me laughing and enjoying each new day.

Enjoy your tour in this life,

"What do you mean?"

Oh how I wish I would have written down the funny things my two oldest used to say when they were my youngster’s age. It would be awesome to have a book for all my kids with all the cute and funny things they say. I would organize it by age. (For all you new mom’s and if you still have young kids, you should do that. 🙂 )

Anyway, we were in the car and I asked A to stop doing something. For some reason she yelled, “No!” I was kind of in shock because it is very unlike her to say that. I taught her at a young age to not say that to me. The next thing that shocked me was hearing my Son say, “don’t talk to mom like that!” I started in on my ‘don’t talk back to mom’ speech and A looked at me puzzled and said in a very matter of fact, calm voice, “Mom, I don’t understand, we have to talk. What do you mean to not talk back to you?” I couldn’t help but bust out into laughter. All of us ended up laughing. She keeps life interesting for us all.

Enjoy family,


Yesterday my youngest daughter’s friend came over. First they played school:

Friend: “Girls and boys, this is our new student, she’s kind of shy.”
My Daughter (MD): “I’m not shy!”

After “class time” was over they ate a snack. I suggested they play the matching game and they couldn’t agree to how they should begin the game. Next thing I know the following conversation began:

Friend: “I know, lets play Cinderella.”
MD: “Okay, but I get to be Cinderella first.”
Friend: “No, I get to play Cinderella first.”
MD: “I know, how about I play Cinderella first and you play Cinderella second, that way we both get to play Cinderella.”
Friend: “Okay, I’ll be the wicked Step Mother.”

I have to tell you, that inside, I was laughing my head off. It was hilarious! I did not think it would end with such an agreeable manner. Next thing I know they put on some of my daughter’s dresses and were saying lines from the movie word for word. I wish I would have thought of getting my camcorder out and recording some of it. After my daughter had her turn she relinquished the role to her friend. They switched and I heard the same lines again.

I just had to take time to write this down and share it with you. It was a smile maker for me 🙂

Ahhhh memories,

Sweet Child of Mine

The other day my youngest brought me our family’s Love Pillow with a Love Note inside. First of all, I want to remind you…this blog is like a journal for me. With that in mind, please do not think I am bragging about my kids when I write about them on here. I also want you to know that this is NOT considered to be a “commercial” for a product I happen to sell. (I sell the products because I love them, get a discount and truly believe in them!) My sole purpose for writing this is so I can remember some of the things my kids might do. In addition, I know that grandparents reading this will enjoy being a part of some of the everyday things that happen in their grand children’s lives.

Back to the story…we have a jar in our living room with these little Love Notes in it. A family member is to write something on the note and place it in the pocket in the Love Pillow. It is then recommended you place the pillow on the family member’s pillow to surprise them.
I was sitting at the computer working on something…probably Christmas shopping. Next thing I know my daughter brings me the pillow with a note inside and says, “Here mommy, this is for you!” I opened it up stunned. You have to understand that 1) she is in kindergarten and is just learning to read & write 2) I never really explained the whole “Love Note” process with her. I thought it was so sweet!

This past weekend my husband was very sick with food poisoning. My little one, again, got out a love note and asked her big sister how to spell “Get well soon.” Fortunately he is doing much better today!

Write a note to someone you love today,