Life and Death Brings Full Circle (Book Review)

I feel as though I have come full circle here on this blog.

My very second blog post was written on August 17, 2008, over 7 years ago. Guess what it was about?  I titled it I CAN read fiction! (Click on title to read the post…it’s not long, very short.) In summary it was about me devouring the Twilight series. (No groaning allowed 😉 )

Spine of Life and Death FamilyBringsJoy.comStephenie Meyer released a 10 year anniversary edition of Twilight last week. Guess I was 3 years late finding it. I’m glad because I was able to read all the books in a row. It would have been very difficult to wait in between books to see what would happen next…especially between New Moon and Eclipse.

Anyway, included in the 10 year anniversary edition is a bonus book titled Life and Death, subtitled Twilight Reimagined. I had no idea what to think about this. Stephenie changed Bella into Beau and Edward into Edythe. It was a gender swap. However, it doesn’t mean all she did was change the names. Edythe and Beau are different personalities. I read some reviews the day it came out. Reviewers were bashing Stephenie saying all she did was change the names. This is not true. The beginning of Life and Death does start the same as Twilight, but there are changes to the story along the way. For example, Twilight is all about a love triangle between Edward, Jacob and Bella. There is no love triangle in Love and Death. Jacob’s character has a double in the reimagined version named Julie, but there is hardly a relationship between Julie and Beau. They are basically acquaintances. That is the only spoiler I will reveal. Except, hear me when I say this: THE ENDING IS NOT THE SAME AS TWILIGHT.

Life and Death familybringsjoy.comPersonally, I felt in a sense, it was ALMOST like I was reading Twilight for the first time again. I’m sure it helps that it’s been 7 years since I read it. However, again, the change of the genders does make it different. Interestingly enough, even though there is no relationship between Julie & Beau, there wasn’t as much exchange between Edythe and Beau as between Edward and Bella…not as sappy. I like sappy though. It was still good. I believe any true Twilight fan will appreciate this bonus book. I wasn’t expecting it, so I was pleasantly surprised.

I will forever be grateful for the imaginary world of Twilight. It has opened my world to fantasy fiction…an escape I love. Somehow, though, I’m not sure there will ever be another series like Twilight in my lifetime. I have yet to find one in the 7 years since reading it.

Thank You Stephenie Meyer,

Anticipation for Breaking Dawn Soundtrack

My Brother has a production company. He made this cool video!

If you like it too, please like it on YouTube.

I could totally see Plain Jane Automobile on the Breaking Dawn Soundtrack!

This particular song, We Live In The Dark, goes so well.

Can’t wait for the soundtrack to come out. 🙂


Videos Bring Joy,

Treasure-Trove Thursday {Twilight Series}

First of all, let me say for all of you Twilight bashers non-likers out there, I have not written a post about Twilight in a very long time. As a matter of fact, it has almost been a FULL year!  Yep, I checked and my last post about Twilight was on June 20, 2010.  My second blog post ever written on August 17, 2008 I wrote:

In the beginning...

It’s weird to look back.  It’s now 2011 and I have seen Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse at the movie theater.  I realize the majority of my early blog writings were about this fiction series.  However, the reading of this book series was a huge turning point in my life {happened to be when I began this blog.}  It gave me something else to be excited about outside my job as a Family Manager.  Not to mention spurred my love of reading fiction to this very day.  Twilight also positively impacted friendships, strengthened my relationship with my oldest daughter and added some sizzle & romance into my marriage.  Absolutely!  Hubby has benefited as well from Twilight. 😉I realize many people are tired of it.  That is entirely fine…to each his own.  All I have to say is PLEASE don’t rain on my parade.  There is nothing wrong with enjoying a book or movie.  It has been controversial…yes.  Yes, we have freedom of speech.  However, if I don’t like something as trivial as a fiction book; I don’t go to blogs, forums, websites, Facebook or Twitter and whine about it.  We are all entitled to our own opinions.  If you don’t like the opinions expressed, then just don’t read them.  I can’t tell you how many times I found people on Twilight forums who were extremely negative.  To them I ask, “Why are you here?  This forum was created for fans of Twilight, so why would you come here and spread all this negativity?”  Honestly, after a few months of finding more negative than positive comments on Twilight forums I “bagged” them!  I was going there to talk with other fans and instead was finding the opposite.  In other words, be kind.  If you don’t like Twilight, please don’t write a comment saying how much you hate it. It is unfortunate I feel the need to write this.  Nevertheless, this is why I stopped writing about it a year ago.  Negative or rude comments will be deleted.  I know my very sweet and loyal readers would not consider doing such a thing.  However, my blog is open to all and you never know who will stumble upon here.  Enough about this.

My daughter asked me at the dinner table tonight, “Mom, have you seen the new Breaking Dawn movie trailer?”

“WHAT!?!!!!  No…{excitement and huge grin on my face} It’s out now?!”

Guess what I watched tonight?! {couldn’t wait until Thursday to share!!}  For all of you who do LOVE the Twilight series as much as I do, this is for you:

November 18th can’t come soon enough now!
Joy, joy, joy,

"You are my life now." Edward (Spoilers included)

My dear sweet husband suggested I go see Twilight tonight. He went with me on Friday, Nov. 21st to see the Premier. I just returned home from seeing it the second time and it was better than the first time!

Here is my take on the movie. There were some changes made from the book, but minor. For example, eating in the diner instead of home, she didn’t leave Alice and Jasper in the airport like in the book, among other small things. They didn’t have the golden onion award in the book. I thought that was cute. The first time I watched it I THOUGHT way too much! I was constantly comparing it with the book and the reactions from the other viewers didn’t help much either…it was distracting. Even though, I still was very sad when it was over. It didn’t seem like 2 hours and I wanted to see what was going to happen next (even though I know what will happen)! I knew I would want to see it again. Today was the first chance I could go back since the premier. I was shocked to see a full theater for a Monday in my small town! I saw things today I missed the first time and enjoyed it much more. I am considering reading Twilight and Midnight Sun (partial draft) again very soon.

If you have gone to see Twilight, did you see Stephenie Meyer’s cameo? Did you know Robert Pattinson has 2 songs in the movie? One of them is not on the Soundtrack. Listen carefully when Edward sucks the venom out of Bella.

Now that I have seen the movie, I know for sure the actors, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are truly acting. I have seen countless interviews with the couple before the movie. I have read many articles about them also. I thought, “Wow, they seem perfect for the parts.” Now I can tell the Robert from the Edward and the Kristen from the Bella. Am I making any sense? If not, I know what I mean. They did a really good job. My oldest daughter went with us to the premier and said, “Kristen looks better in the movie.”

Anyway, I can’t believe New Moon will not be out until 2010! My son figured out yesterday that my 13 year old daughter will be 19 when Breaking Dawn comes out! Can the fans wait that long?! Besides, I really wish they could just skip New Moon. I cried so much and was just plain mad while reading it. (Sorry, Stephenie!) I just couldn’t get past Edward leaving Bella and I don’t know how I will bear seeing it on the big screen. One of my friends said, “They should just combine New Moon and Eclipse together.” That is not a half bad idea. Then they could break Breaking Dawn into Two Movies! I am all for that!

Catherine, the director, did a great job with such a low budget film. Maybe now, Summit will allow a bigger budget with more computer animation for the super powers. This is the first book I have read that became a movie. Everyone always says the book is better. Of course it is! The book covers more time than a movie can in just two hours. I was not disappointed at all. I think they did a great job! Kudos to everyone involved with making Twilight. In my humble opinion it was a huge success! I will be seeing it again on Thursday!

Long live Edward & Bella…way better than Romeo & Juliet…they get to live forever together,