Flurry Friend Friday

snowy neighborhood view familybringsjoy.com

This is what our neighborhood has looked like for the past week.  As a matter of fact, we’ve had the most snow here in Oklahoma since we moved here 7 years ago.  We have snow at least once a year here, which is different from living in Texas.  This also means lots of snow days with the kids at home.  I’m pretty sure our kids will be in school until June this year instead of May.

kids and snowman familybringsjoy.com

On Monday for Family Home Evening we built a snowman.  This was the biggest snowman we have ever built because the snow rolled very well.  You aren’t seeing things if you see some blue on the snowman.  We had our lawn fertilized right before it snowed.  The dye from the fertilizer made an impression on the snow.  The box you see my daughter holding is our snowman kit from Land of Nod (not an ad.)

snowman making familybringsjoy.com

It’s cool seeing the “same” snowman reemerge every time we build one.

button on the snowman familybringsjoy.com

snowman making familybringsjoy.com

putting the button on the snowman familybringsjoy.com

snowman kiss familybringsjoy.com

our snowman familybringsjoy.com

We made him right next to the mailbox so everyone can enjoy him as they drive by.  He always makes me smile when I drive up to the house.  We had more snow yesterday so he looks just like this still…alive and well.

my boots in the snow familybringsjoy.com

Our ski attire and boots have come in real handy for these snowy days.

trees familybringsjoy.com

Here’s our backyard.

snowy pool familybringsjoy.com

The pool could probably serve as an ice skating rink without the cover.  Not that we would ever do that. 😉

our cat familybringsjoy.com

Here’s our sweet outdoor cat, Daisy.  She’s a little cold.  I love how her fur puffs up in the winter time.

sunset with snow familybringsjoy.com

One of these days I’m going to learn how to do justice to a sunset in a photo…maybe.  Don’t look at the boob on the house.  That’s what we call those covers you put over our outdoor faucets so your pipes don’t freeze. lol…not sure what their actual name is.

Have you had any snow this winter?  Has your family built a snowman?  I’d love to see yours too!

Hope this finds everyone staying safe and warm this winter.  I’m excited to share my Valentine’s Day fireplace mantel with you very soon.  I’ve been creating away!

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Snowmen bring joy,

Answering Machine Message:

“We can’t answer the phone right now, we are out making a snowman. It’s snowing!!! Leave a message and we’ll get back with you later. Thanks for calling.”

Last year we were blessed with snow before Christmas and Christmas day. Today was the first snow since last winter. We were all excited to see the huge flakes falling from the sky. I spent the afternoon snuggled up in my new Sherpa blanket my In-Law’s gave me for Christmas reading by the bay window in our bedroom. It is beautiful to look up from reading and see the landscape blanketed in white…so incredibly peaceful and soothing.

Finally at about 4:30pm my daughter could not stand another minute. “Mom, can we PLEASE go sledding?” {with a look of pure angelic pleading} Sunday, being the Sabbath day, we don’t normally do things of that nature. After some research about what the weather might do tomorrow my husband & I decided we should make an exception. It will get warmer and the snow might melt before they get home from school tomorrow. The kids were elated!

The hubby & I decided to help them build a snowman. We are such novices at snowman building being we live in the south. The snow is so powdery that it was difficult to roll it into a big ball. I did not give up. I was going to get my photo of a snowman no matter what! If I was going to put on a hundred layers and get out in the freezing cold weather, I was going to build a snowman! Honestly, it’s pathetic! It’s probably one of the worst snowman in the history of time, but Oh well! {I know I burned a few calories doing it as well!}

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Loving the Snow,