Blissfully Blogging with Music

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I’m excitedly preparing for a conference called Blissdom. It’s a blog conference devoted to helping bloggers connect in real life as well as improving their blogs. It’s interesting to hear the comments I receive when I tell friends & family I’m attending. Being a blog reader for several years now, I am used to seeing blog conference badges. I’m realizing how ‘unique’ I am in my little world. This is one of the reasons I’m grateful to attend.

Many of the blogs I read are very helpful in my everyday life. I like ones who help me with organizing, books, decorating, photography, crafts, scrapbooking, running, parenting, etc. Many of these bloggers have similar interests as me. They might share my faith. Many have children and stay home as well. So, I’m looking forward to meeting women I feel like I know already from reading their blogs.

I looked back yesterday and realized I have been blogging since August 2008. Reading over some of those early posts I wrote are very enlightening. Some of them kind of surprise me. Is that really me? I began my blog to be able to keep in touch with my friends and family on a regular basis. A place for me to share my photos and journal about our family life. As with most things, it has evolved and changed over the years. I enjoy having a little place in the cyber world that is just my own. It keeps me grounded and helps me not forget who I am, as most Mom’s can do when their children are young. {incredibly therapeutic too!}

Most of my readers are usually family and friends. I love it when they leave me comments. 🙂 Every once in a while I will have other visitors who find me from a link party or such. I even had a well known author write a comment. What a special surprise! Meeting and making new friends this way has given me a sweet boost. Basically, it’s taking me a while to get to this point, {sorry!} I am hoping to be able to learn more about this at the conference.

After registering I received an extra special bonus when Blissdom announced Michelle Branch & Matt Kearney would be performing for the attendees! Music is HUGE in my life. These adult alternative artists are superbly talented. I have enjoyed listening to their music and decided to share the above playlist. Enjoy!

Music is what feelings sound like,

Eclipse Bands

Eclipse Bands: “1. Believe – The Bravery
2. Everlasting Light – Black Keys
3. Tuesday (You Come When We Call) – Fanfarlo
4. 60 Feet Tall – The Dead Weather
5. Kiss With A Fist – Florence & The Machine
6. Neutron Star Collision [Love Is Forever] – Muse
7. Where I Belong (Various Production Mix) – SiA
8. Twilight Galaxy – Metric
9. Hollywood – Eastern Conference Champions
10. Stadium Love – Metric
11. Ode to LRC – Band Of Horses
12. Sick Muse – Metric
13. Run – Vampire Weekend
14. Stranger In The Crowd [Coke Version] – Cee-Lo Green
15. Holiday – Vampire Weekend
16. Atlas – Battles
17. Maybe More – Bombay Bicycle Club”

I decided to check out the artists that will be on the upcoming Eclipse Soundtrack. Here’s a good sampling. Click on Eclipse Bands above to listen.

Rock On,

Music Playlist For Moms

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This playlist is dedicated to my Mother. I love you, Mom 🙂

Here Comes the Sun!!!

The sun is shining today…oh happy day! We’ve had way too many drab, grey, dreary days lately. This does nothing for my mood, but bring it down. What a great way to start out the day…with the sun streaming in the windows! I decided while getting ready this morning I would listen to songs about the sun. They were so good and uplifting I thought I would spread the joy and share them with you.

Sunshine…a wonderful thing!

P.S.: Reminder: you have to be on my blog to hear the music, should start automatically, otherwise click on the play button (triangle).

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New Music

Most of you know I love 80’s music. One of my presets for XM radio in the car is the 80’s channel (much to my kid’s dismay) and another I love more is First Wave (classic 80’s new wave-my favorite). Even so, I also listen to new music. I decided I would make a playlist of some modern day bands I like. It just so happens that all of these are “boy” bands.

  • Keane
  • Lifehouse
  • The Killers
  • The Fray
  • Secondhand Serenade

I liked Somewhere Only We Know by Keane and decided to listen to some of their other songs on Rhapsody. I really like them. Spiraling Down (Keane) is a great upbeat song and in some parts reminds me a lot of the Talking Heads. The Killers is another new group I have found facinating. Some of their lyrics are not the best, but their style is unique. Secondhand Serenade is fast becoming a favorite for me. They have a lot of songs I like besides Fall for You. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do…sorry oma & opa, I know they won’t be your style. 🙂

Music makes me happy,


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I DARE you NOT to dance!

There is a song I was “reunited” with lately. I have decided it is my happy song. What I mean by that is every time I listen to it it makes me happy. I can’t help but start to dance and get lost into the beat. Even my kids dance to it when I put it on. Yeah, yeah, I know it is disco…who says disco is dead?! Anyway, I am sharing it with you. Think about it, what is your happy song? Is there a song that when you hear it, no matter what mood you are in, it makes you happy. It is like all your troubles are gone while the song is playing. I am sure you do. Think about it and when you realize what that song is, let me know. I would love to put together a compilation of happy songs to listen to. You know on those days when we are feeling a little blue. Whether it be the sunless days or particular trials we are going through. This song might change over time but find the one that is yours for now. I can’t wait to hear your songs. Just send me the name of the artist and title of the song. There is no deadline and this is not school, it is completely optional, not mandatory. You will not receive bad luck or anything if you don’t send it to me. (Don’t you hate those chain letters!) I will add songs to this playlist as they are sent to me.

Anyway mine is by Patrice Rushen, Forget Me NotsI dare you not to dance! 🙂 Push play on the player and go ahead & dance, no one is watching, get up and move around, it really will make you feel good!

Music makes me happy,