This Mom’s Sweet Victory

Parade Rehearsal

Very early this morning, 1:45am to be exact, my oldest daughter and I groggily entered our van.  Her band and color guard are headed to Disney World to march in their parade.  The students needed to be at the High School by 2:00am so they could make their very early flight {almost 3 hour drive to airport.} I was surprised to find her fast asleep when I checked on her at 1:18 this morning.  She has been so excited I wondered if she would even fall asleep last night.  She would need her rest, so I’m glad she did sleep.

Let’s back up about a week.  One day my daughter hands me this index card:

excuse the paper weight












I was pleased to see she was thinking ahead and trying to be prepared.

“Mom can you come see if I have packed everything I need?” she asks on Sunday.  This is what I found when I entered her room:

each stack has the week day written on an index card















I wish I could have seen the look on my face.  This was one proud Mom.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.  I immediately asked her if I could take a photo.  She smiled and said yes.  I have never seen her this organized before a trip.  Last year she was blessed to attend Especially for Youth {a week long Youth Conference} at Brigham Young University.  I think she packed every shoe and every piece of clothing she owned.  Granted, being a girl, this is not highly unusual.  But lets just say, it highly lacked organization. {We highly VALUE organization in this family.}

work of art

I think she learned her lesson.  This was one of those rare moments for a Mom, or at least for me, where I felt such exquisite joy and satisfaction.  I was feeling as though I was witnessing some fruits of my labor.  These very special moments in a Mother’s life are like pure gold, sparkling when you look back at the memory.

Yesterday at suitcase drop off

So today I share a Mother’s triumph, a sweet victory.  I hope you will celebrate with me. 🙂

Daughter, you’re simply the best & I love you!  {BTW, thank you for letting me take a quick photo of you at the High School with your suitcase you got for Christmas. ;)}










Children Bring Joy,