Kitchen Niches & Shelving

Today I will be showcasing the niches of our kitchen.

I’ve never had designated spots for vignettes or cook books in previous kitchens.  We worked some shelving into the kitchen design and I believe it adds character.  Also, in the below photo you can see how open our floor plan is.  From this angle you can look through the dining room into the front door/foyer.  You can also see how we cut out the wall to make sort of a window into the living room.
side view of kitchen familybringsjoy

I enjoy the easy access to these cook books when I need them.

book niche familybringsjoy

kitchen book niche familybringsjoyYou can also see a better view of our handy dandy trash compactor.  I feel the need to stop and talk a little about trash compactors.

My grandparents installed a trash compactor in their kitchen after a tornado ripped through their house in the 70’s.  That is when I was first introduced to a trash compactor.  This appliance has been around for a while now.  Even so, it is interesting how many people come over to our house who have never heard of a trash compactor.

A trash compactor is an appliance that crushes and compresses trash into small convenient bundles.  It is quite entertaining watching people as they try and figure out how to open it.  Our trash compactor (Kenmore) opens by stepping on the small black lever at the bottom.  This is nice if you have trash in your hands and can not pull the drawer open while your hands are full.  Some compactor brands need to be opened by pulling with your hand…it depends on the compactor you purchase.

Those who have heard of a compactor or who have used one in the past, don’t always have a good opinion of them.  I think most complaints I’ve heard are due to odor.  OK, here is the deal…if you don’t put food in the compactor, it will not smell.  We don’t live in the city limits, so our trash pick up only comes ONCE a week.  Having a trash compactor greatly helps with this.  Here is another tip: don’t put plastic/glass bottles or cans in the trash compactor.  Those will break the mechanism that does the compacting (learn from our expensive mistake.)  So, yes, basically it helps compact all the paper & cardboard goods.  However, there are plenty of those.  As long as everyone abides by the rules I’ve mentioned (which are very helpful with recycling), we can go 2-3 weeks before changing our trash compactor bag with no bad odor.  I love that!  I like to think we are helping the environment by compacting our trash too.  I had more trouble with odor in my previous kitchen’s regular trash cans than in our trash compactor.  My BFF’s kids love the trash compactor.  They said they would never want to move out of our house because they love our trash can.  This made me laugh. 🙂

Below you can see my cook books and Hubby’s diet books.  I like the pop of color they add to the kitchen.cook books familybringsjoy

The following isn’t a niche but my favorite sign I found at Hobby Lobby.  It’s true. 😉

i kiss better than i cook familybringsjoy

Last but not least is our niche above the plate rack:

minimalist on kitchen counters familybringsjoy

kitchen vignette familybringsjoy

I used chalkboard paint to fill in the middle of this plate and chalked one of my favorite scripture verses.  I believe it is an excellent reminder…especially when I’m cleaning the kitchen.

I hope you are enjoying Kitchen Week so far.  If so, please pin and share this post with your friends and family.  Encouraging comments are always welcome too! 😉  I so appreciate you being here today.  There’s more to come tomorrow.  See you then!

Have a beautiful day,

The Heart Of Our Home

Welcome to our kitchen!  Today I will show you overview pictures of the room.  The rest of the week I will uncover special custom features throughout what people refer to as the heart of the home.

The first two pictures are an aerial view from the breakfast area.
beautiful large custom kitchen familybringsjoy

perfect entertaining kitchen familybringsjoy

Hubby wanted a big kitchen because he likes to cook.  The kids have taken on this trait, thank goodness.  (I don’t like to cook. I occasionally like to bake)

The next three photos are looking into the kitchen from the living room.

farmstyle kitchen familybringsjoy

To the right you can see the lockers in our mudroom.

Love the mixture of white and brown in this kitchen by familybringsjoy

To the left, behind the bar, where the flag is…is the breakfast room.

a chef's kitchen familybringsjoy

The next 2 photos highlight the island which includes lots of storage and one of my favorite appliances…the trash compactor.

(which is actually not shown from these views…oops!)

lots of storage in the kitchen island familybringsjoy

The small sink in the island is what they refer to as a vegetable sink.

huge open kitchen at familybringsjoy

Our inspiration kitchen had white and brown cabinets.  Yet they had half the cabinets white and half brown (knotty alder.)

Hubby didn’t like the look of half & half on the same wall.  Instead, we compromised with a full wall of brown and a full wall of white cabinets.

organized kitchen familybringsjoy

I wanted to use every inch of the wall for storage.  I see a lot of kitchens with space above the cabinets.  Me, being the practical girl that I am, wanted to use that space for storage.  I really don’t think you can have too much storage.

No wasted space in this kitchen familybringsjoy

minimalist on kitchen counters familybringsjoy

The appliance under the microwave is a warming drawer.  It is so handy!  I use it all the time to keep our food warm while cooking.  The hubster is quite particular about his food NOT being cold when we sit down to eat.  It’s perfect to keep pancakes warm when you are making a bunch.

You can see the top of the trash compactor in the island from the below view.

light and airy kitchen familybringsjoy

I’m pretty much a minimalist when it comes to having things on the counters.  When the counters are cluttered I can’t focus…another one of those ADD things.  Plus, I’ve never mastered the art of staging pretty vignettes in the kitchen.

subway tile backsplash familybringsjoy

beautiful view of kitchen familybringsjoy

Hope you enjoyed this tour of our kitchen.  Come back every day this week to see extra special organizing features of this kitchen.  You can ask questions in the comment section.  Leave a comment by going to the top of the post and clicking on “leave a comment.”  I ALWAYS LOVE to hear from you. 🙂  Now it’s time for me to clean the kitchen again.  Monday is kitchen deep cleaning day.  Keeping a house clean while it is on the market for sale is definitely not my idea of fun…however, I LOVE a clean kitchen!  Don’t you?

Kitchens bring joy,