Family Portrait Reveal

These 5 photos are a ‘sneak peek’ from our photographer at Studio 23.  Wednesday I will view ALL the poses taken.  {Can’t wait!}  So far I think my favorite is the last one of us standing.

Which one is your favorite?

Come back tomorrow to see the tropical destination where we spent Thanksgiving last week.  It is a perfect destination for a family! 😀

This is no ordinary family,

Short & Sweet



For those of you who are wondering, the photo shoot DID happen today!  It was a bit cold and windy, but no rain! Yay!  THANK YOU to all who said prayers on our behalf.  I wish I had some photos to share with you, but I don’t yet. 🙁  It is difficult being on the other side of the lens and not being able to see the shot right away.  The photographer kept saying they looked great…still I will just have to be patient.  {Definitely not one of my strengths.}

It’s been a FULL day and I am exhausted.  I’m traveling to civilization tomorrow {aka, a big city} so I’m turning in for the night.  I hope this finds everyone happy and finding JOY in ALL things.

Your Friend,

Favorite Outdoor Family Portrait Poses

I’ve been an avid weather watcher for the past week.  I’m not normally.  You see…I’m scared to say it because I tend to be a little superstitious about certain things.  If you have been following me for a while you will know 2 things for sure about me:

1. I LOVE photography.  {I especially LOVE family portraits.}

2. We haven’t been able to have an outdoor family photo shoot ever, due to RAIN! 🙁

Please pray that our photo shoot scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, November 16th will be RAIN FREE.  As of 2 days ago the weather iPhone icon showed a sun!  Then yesterday the sun icon had a cloud on top of it.  This is completely fine, as long as today’s rain drop icon doesn’t drizzle into Wednesdays.  Yes, it’s supposed to rain today, but tomorrow it is NOT.  Unfortunately, weather is so unpredictable!  Prayers are greatly appreciated. 😀

On to the GOOD stuff…here are some of my favorite OUTDOOR family portrait poses:

1. Blue Lily Photography

2, 3 & 4. Simplicity Photography

5. Kristen Duke Photography

6. Ashlee Raubach Photography

7. Studio 23

I’ll conclude with our family portrait done over 3 years ago by Studio 23:

Family Portraits ROCK,