"What are medical school loans?"

Today I had the pleasure of taking my youngest to her first Pom competition. It was about a 2 and a half hour drive so we had plenty of time to talk.

A: “Mom, why did y’all plan to move to _________? (the city we currently live in)”

Me: “Well, it wasn’t really planned. Dad’s work offered to pay off Dad’s medical school loans.”

A: “What are medical school loans?”

Me: “Money we borrow from a bank to pay for medical school.”

A: “Dad is going to medical school!?”

Me: “No, he finished several years ago. We are still paying the money back to the bank.”

When I began to think about our conversation memories began to flood my mind. Then tonight I read the following quote on facebook that a friend of mine posted:

“It’s always harder than it looks. Never desire to succeed like others until you know what they gave up to get there.”

My husband has been out of medical school now for 10 years. I think by this time next year we should have the medical school loans payed off. That’s a long time! How glorious it will be to have those behind us. So MUCH has happened to get us to the point we are in our life. It hasn’t been easy. We have sacrificed and we have made certain choices to bring us to where we are today. And believe me, it hasn’t gotten any easier. Life is rough with or without money. Seriously! I never thought in a million years I would marry a Physician. Honestly, I never truly cared what my future husband’s career was going to be. All I ever cared about was marring someone who was crazy about me as much as I was about him. Actually, I shouldn’t say that’s all I cared about. I wanted ‘HIM” to be as devoted to our Heavenly Father as I was. I figured with our love and God’s love we could endure life’s challenges. Am I kidding! I never thought about life’s challenges back then. I was and still am a hopeless romantic. lol 🙂 But I do know now (by way of experience), that it is that LOVE and our FAITH that gets us through. I’m grateful for my husband, our children and the life we have made together. I am extremely humbled to think of how Christ has carried me through the years.

Wise footprints,

Precious Conversations

Me: “You only have 2 more days of school before Spring Break!”

A: “I want to stay home. I don’t want to go to school.”

Me: “You’ll be able to stay home next week.”

A: “You get to stay home every day. That’s not fair.”

Me: “I promise you have way more fun going to school. Mommy gets lonely staying at home all day. You get to play with your friends. Besides, I’m busy working around the house.”

A: “You could watch a movie.”

LOL, that girl cracks me up!

Happy Friday,

What a Hoot! :)

A few months ago we were in the car and an old 80’s song came on the radio. It was one I had not heard in a while. My kids were arguing about something so I just turned up the music. At first they began to complain about the song…how horrible it was. Then I glanced back at my youngest and she was dancing in her seat with a big grin on her face. She said, “I like this song now, Mom.” It made me laugh.

Well, yesterday the very same song came on.

Daughter: “I don’t like this song, Mom, change the channel.”

Me: “Yes you do, remember? You said that last time you listened to it and you ended up liking it. Remember?”

Daughter: “I don’t think I will ever like this song, Mom.”

Oh, how it cracked me up! She said it with such loathing in the tone of her voice. She is always surprising me and making me laugh, I love that girl. 🙂

Had to write it down,


Yesterday I kept my first grader home from school. She had some fever both Saturday and Sunday. Fortunately she was back to normal on Monday, but wanted to keep her home as a precaution. We had leftovers for lunch. We were sitting there together at the table and I was looking at Better Homes & Gardens while we were eating. I noticed this article about how blueberries are supposed to help you with memory cells in your brain. I told her I needed to buy some. She just laughed. Well, a few hours later we were out the door to run an errand before picking up the kids from school…I forgot my keys; but locked the door to the house. So we were locked out of the house & no keys to get in the car. After making a call (I had my purse and thankfully my cell phone also) to my very understanding husband, she looks at me with a very straight face & says, “Mom, I think you do need to buy some of those blueberries.” Guess what I bought at the store today, yes, BLUEBERRIES!

Have a muffin,


Would You Rather?

Saturday while DH & the girls were in the car patiently waiting for me to do some shopping in a store ALONE; they played a game he likes to play with the kids. He calls it “Would You Rather.” So DH asks K’s friend, “Would you rather hold Nick Jonas’ hand or kiss Joe Jonas on the lips?” Before she could respond, A, our 6 year old, blurts out, “Kiss Joe of course!” He says to me, “I’m going to have to really watch that girl.” LOL! That’s my girl! =)

It’s really cute though,

Colors Don’t Go Together

I am heading out to civilization today. In other words, I’m going to a much bigger city than where I live. Before leaving I wanted to journal words of my adorable 6 year old.

“Mom, I see some grey right there,” pointing to my hair.

“Yes, I know, I need to get my hair colored again,” I reply.

“You really do, Mom, cuz brown and grey just don’t go together!”

Sarcastically, I tell her thank you for pointing that out for me. (as if I had not already noticed) She truly thinks she was helping me out so I can’t be upset with her.

She is so tenacious and says the funniest things. I love that girl!

Laugh On,