First Christmas in our Texas Home























Merry Christmas!

Final Christmas Home Tour (Part 3)

I went over to my friends house yesterday to celebrate our Christmas together and her Christmas decorations and tree are already packed away.  I realize there are many of you have already packed your Christmas away.  So I apologize for being so late in my posting.  This is good for me to go ahead and post this for my own family history and for future Christmases.

Welcome to our breakfast room.

Christmas decor in breakfast room

It’s ironic it’s called the breakfast room because we hardly ever have breakfast in there.  My kids are not morning people and don’t like eating breakfast.  Yes, I know it’s the most important meal of the day…I’ve tried.  I should rather like to call it our informal dining room.  This is where we eat on a daily basis.  I’m not sure if I have ever shown photos of it before on here.  Anyway, the above photo shows what it looks like from the living room.

Breakfast Area

Christmas in the breakfast room

Christmas Card Tree

Christmas Card Shutter


Time for our interim and Christmasfied (yes I know that’s not a word) master bedroom…drum roll…

Christmas master bedroom

This is our room with our mattress on the floor because the canopy bed and dresser we ordered had not arrived yet when I took this photo.  The new night stands are all that is in the room now.  But you can see our new alder wood floor in the photo below.

bay window master bedroom

Our bay window features our blue spruce trees with giant ornaments hanging from them.

ornaments on outdoor trees



Time to walk outside…







Well, it’s time for me to get ready for my parents who are on their way here.  Yep, we are still Christmasing here at our home. {and yes I know that’s not a word too.} Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays and looking forward to the new year.  So thankful for YOU! 😀

Holidays bring joy,

Christmas Home Tour Part One

Christmas whole view living room

Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house…it’s quiet.

Finally I have some time to post my pics of the house.  Just now downloaded my copy of Lightroom {photo editing software} I bought for a great deal on Cyber Monday.  Even though it’s easier to use than Photoshop, there is still a bit of learning curve.  This means instead of spending all day figuring out how to edit all my photos to post on here, {which means I probably wouldn’t have anything to post until tomorrow} I decided to go ahead and post a few today and hopefully have the rest tomorrow for part two.  Once again I am posting them after Christmas.  Sigh…ho hum…I tried.  I thought I would have time to post them before, but it didn’t work out.  Oh well!

Christmas mantel 2013

corner living room view

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas filled with fun family traditions!


Metal W – Hobby Lobby

Chalkboard Download – Dear Lillie {printed engineer print at Staples}

Joy to the world wood block – Barn Owl Primitives

White Fur Stockings – Restoration Hardware Kids

White Flowers – Local discount store called Walls

Fresh Garland – Lowes

JOY sweater wrapped – I made at Whatever Craft Weekend

Christmas Tree – Balsam Hill (They are having an after Christmas sale right now!)

Come back tomorrow for part two.

Christmas Brings Joy,

A JOYful Christmas Mantel

I hope everyone had a safe and lovely Christmas!Christmas Mantel 1

One of my favorite sayings is “Better late than never.”

Christmas time requires more than what we normally do on a day to day basis.  I apologize for not being able to post these photos before Christmas.

Welcome to our home for Christmas 2012…

Christmas Stockings

I got a wild hair and decided to make some new Christmas stockings this year.  I almost bought some burlap stockings but decided denim was more me.

I couldn’t find any online I liked so why not make them?

Kid's Christmas Stockings familybringsjoy

I took my pattern off our old stockings on size.  I figured out how to do a cuff based on the old ones as well, but decided to make them all different.  The red gingham ones are the boys.  The white cuffed ones are the girls.  It took me longer to blanket stitch the loop hangers than it did for me to make all 5 stockings.  I still think it was worth it, though. 😉  I bought the letters/ornaments at Pottery Barn to place on the kid’s packages.  I decided they looked cute on the stockings and wished I would have bought one for me and the mr.  {Thus the 2 stockings without initials on them}

Nativity 2

I was so excited to find this unique nativity at a holiday bazaar I went to with my Mom.  It’s made out of metal and came with the pretty background.  You can find one of these at


I channeled a little creativity by covering up some Styrofoam trees {below}.  I used denim scraps left over from making the stockings to ruffle around one of the trees.  It was as simple as using pins and hot glue.  I covered the large tree by wrapping it with red yarn.  The smallest tree was decorated by using kraft wrapping paper.  I used my circle punch and pinned the circles on the tree.


The wreath below was also purchased at the Ever Thine Home booth I spoke of earlier.  I love how the leaves are made out of hymns.

JOY with wreath

The JOY letters are the ones I decorated with sweater material at Whatever Craft Weekend.  I changed the embellishments to be more Christmas like.  Thanks to A Cottage Life I used her mini bunting she gave as swag for Whatever Craft Weekend on the O.  On the J I used the same red yarn I used to wrap around the tree and a couple of cute pins JCPenney’s was handing out this year for the Y.  I saved the old window frame I bought at the barn while at Whatever Craft Weekend just for this Christmas mantel.

JOY letters

At the last minute I decided to make the lighted garland.  I added red and white tulle to a battery operated led light strand…just tied them on.  I tied a few snowflake ornaments {12 for $1 at Dollar Tree} to complete the look.

Christmas Mantel 3

Christmas Mantel 4

So glad you stopped by! 🙂

Let there be JOY,