Is The Chevron Pattern “Out”

chevron beddingI’ve been looking for a chevron pattern comforter or duvet.  Um, is this pattern not popular anymore?  I can’t seem to find one anywhere.  I found this black and white one at Urban Outfitters, but it’s back ordered.  The other few places who still carry this pattern are also on back order.  I looked at over 10 stores the other day and only found one at Tuesday Morning in orange and white.  I’m really surprised because I thought this pattern was still “in.”What do you think?  Is this chevron trend fading into the past now?  Honestly, I was a little late jumping on this band wagon.  Now I love it! This always happens to me.  I finally decide on something and then I can’t find it anywhere.  It’s a tad frustrating.

Happy Friday,