Slumber Party Hangover

Last night 5 of A’s girlfriends came over for her friend birthday party. She waited until we were able to use our pool to have the party. It was a swim, movie, play, slumber party! Her first slumber party and maybe her last for a while. (If I have anything to say about it, which of course, I DO) They stayed up until midnight and the last one fell asleep at 1am. I had 6 energizer bunnies running around the house. Yeah, Mom & Dad, it’s pay back time 🙂 I know. I have been paying for it all day. Anyway, thought I would share a few pictures with ya.
Party on,
P.S.: I had to de-leg the barbie in order for her to fit in the cake. LOL laugh all you want =) It was my first time to make a barbie cake. I think it turned out ok in the end.