Spring Break…for who?

This week is spring break for my kids. Usually, we would plan some sort of small trip or activity to look forward to. However, we were hoping to be moving in this week or setting up house; so no plans have been made. We’re all a little restless not having something to look forward to. It’s just another week for me, but with the kids home. This means hours of hearing, “Mom, so and so did this to me!” “Mom, what’s for lunch?” “Mom, I’m bored!” Please pray for me. Please pray that I can be the kind of Mom I need to be for my children this week, despite all the demands building a house concur. Please pray that my kids don’t hurt each other. Please pray that there will be good times had amongst the fighting and quarrelling. Please pray that my kids will have the desire to do something other than watch TV all day long. I know the power of prayer and I appreciate any and all prayers on our behalf. Thank you.

Have a happy week,


  1. Y’all should come out to the camp for a hike or something this week. That would be fun. =) And I will pray for all of you.

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