Special Night

Tonight my youngest & I rented The Hannah Montana Movie. We watched it while the rest of the fam was at church for young women & scouts. Honestly, I thought it was a sweet movie with many good themes running through it. My very amazing DH took the girls to see this movie when it came out at the movie theater. So I didn’t get to see it then and A said she would love to watch it again when it came out on video.

I didn’t realize how controversial Hannah’s character was to others until recently. I have watched the TV show with the kids on a few occasions. I think it is a cute sitcom and never have thought it inappropriate for my kids to watch. I do have to say, however, I was very disappointed in the way she dressed for the Teen Choice Awards. Her chest was hanging out of her dress! Fortunately, my youngest was in bed at the time. But when my teen remarks, “What is she wearing?!” We were both shocked! She doesn’t usually dress like that on the show. I think she has been getting a lot of flack for it online…which she should. Like my friends said, “she caters to the younger girls.”

Back to our night. We sat there in the recliner while watching the movie; I soaked in all the love while we snuggled together. I just love hearing A sing along to the songs. It was just one of those times where I was living in the moment and enjoying every bit of it. By the way, I really do like the song, “The Climb.” The lyrics are so true. I am so grateful for ‘my climb’ in this life. 🙂

Keep climbing,

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