Quality Time Matters

I am willing to bet you have a friend on facebook who updates their status frequently about the things they are doing with their family.  To be honest, sometimes I want to shrink when I read those posts.  Why?  Because I know I’m not doing as much with my kids as I should.  However, usually it makes me happy to see a family enjoying being together.  They are the ones who are making quality time a priority in their life.
There are so many opportunities around us,
we lose sight of what or WHO is important.
Last week my children were home from school because of snow & ice from Tuesday to Friday.  I decided I was going to make the most of this time with them.  {Instead of focusing on the fact that I might not get a whole lot of time to myself or get a lot of work done.} So we rented movies, made cookies, did some crafting, played nail salon {my Son excluded}, played the wii and of course PLAYED IN THE SNOW!





Make time for your children or the people who matter most to you.
You won’t regret it and they will not forget.  I promise.
Family, isn’t it about TIME,

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