Preparing for Bad Ice Storm

Well, so it’s supposed to bad here and we are making the last minute preparations to survive the ice storm that is on it’s way here. Everyone here is expecting at least a week without electricity. JOY! As soon as I find them or if I find them, I will post pictures of the last ice storm that was here. It was like nothing I have ever seen before. We moved here 2 years ago today after the last MAJOR ice storm. What a way to celebrate, huh. I guess we will need to invest in a generator. The kids are charging all their gadgets and said all the kids at school thought it was fun last time. I find that hard to believe. But I really don’t think MY kids realize the enormity of going days without electricity. Please pray that it doesn’t last for long and that our electricity will not be out for long.

We will survive,

P.S.: See ice storm album by clicking here.

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