Prayers & Positive Thinking

We are supposed to drive {3-4 hour trip} to Texas for our family portrait today.

This awesome couple who own the well known company Blue Lily Photography are in Dallas.  Today is their last day there.  They live in California, but are traveling around the world to take photos. Sigh, sounds completely wonderful, huh?  Tomorrow they head to New York City.

Well, yep, it’s raining.

You may not know that EVERY time we try to get an OUTDOOR family portrait done, it rains.  So, yes, I want to cry.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for our family to have these amazing photographers take our picture.  I know some of you are thinking, what’s the big deal?  Well, head on over to Blue Lily’s website and see, then you will understand.  They wrote on their blog and posted some photos of the ranch they have been shooting at this week.  You can see those here.

If after visiting their site

& you feel our plight,

say a prayer with all your might

for no rain tonight.

I’m utterly shocked I came up with that little rhyme! lol

Happy Wednesday,


  1. eek. Doesn’t look good. Dave has been at the DFW airport since noon. Hoping to make an 8:00 flight. Was scheduled to leave at 2:10pm. All weather delay. Sorry it didn’t work out 🙁 You will find someone awesome in Oklahoma.

  2. It was bad, the rain, the thunder, the lightening, yep. Cancelled. We made it to Sherman before I gave up and decided it was a lost cause. Disappointment, sadness. I’m not getting any younger. Youngest says, “if we ever want rain, all we have to do is schedule our family portrait and it will come.” 🙁

  3. Sorry 🙁 Oh and I meant to tell you thanks for the invite for her baptism. Bennett has kindergarten graduation same night. Thanks though. It was beautiful, I really like your return address label!

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