Here Comes the Sun!!!

The sun is shining today…oh happy day! We’ve had way too many drab, grey, dreary days lately. This does nothing for my mood, but bring it down. What a great way to start out the day…with the sun streaming in the windows! I decided while getting ready this morning I would listen to songs about the sun. They were so good and uplifting I thought I would spread the joy and share them with you.

Sunshine…a wonderful thing!

P.S.: Reminder: you have to be on my blog to hear the music, should start automatically, otherwise click on the play button (triangle).

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It’s a Love Thing!

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New Music

Most of you know I love 80’s music. One of my presets for XM radio in the car is the 80’s channel (much to my kid’s dismay) and another I love more is First Wave (classic 80’s new wave-my favorite). Even so, I also listen to new music. I decided I would make a playlist of some modern day bands I like. It just so happens that all of these are “boy” bands.

  • Keane
  • Lifehouse
  • The Killers
  • The Fray
  • Secondhand Serenade

I liked Somewhere Only We Know by Keane and decided to listen to some of their other songs on Rhapsody. I really like them. Spiraling Down (Keane) is a great upbeat song and in some parts reminds me a lot of the Talking Heads. The Killers is another new group I have found facinating. Some of their lyrics are not the best, but their style is unique. Secondhand Serenade is fast becoming a favorite for me. They have a lot of songs I like besides Fall for You. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do…sorry oma & opa, I know they won’t be your style. :)

Music makes me happy,


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Dear John

by Nicholas Sparks is the name of the book I finished today. No, I don’t have time to be sitting around reading books. Usually when I drive to Tulsa I listen to books on CD. Last Thursday I almost finished the book. I was cleaning the kitchen today and decided to listen to the end while doing my monotonous chore. I think this is the last of his books I will read. Don’t get me wrong, they are wonderfully written and keep you interested. I love the way the reader on the CD speaks…in that southern Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina draw. The Choice was the last audio book I listened to of Nicholas Sparks and the narrator was the same. I have seen all of the movies from his books, Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember and The Notebook. The problem is how heart wrenching they all are. It is like I need to have a box of Kleenex nearby while reading/listening.

Well, I absolutely hated the ending to this book. It was just too sad, but also at the same time made me feel like a horrible person. John did the right thing, but I don’t think I would have done the same. That is what makes me feel so bad. I like to think that I would choose the right when given a choice. He just didn’t deserve to have such a non-happily ever after ending. I think I’ll stick to science fiction from now on…at least for the time being. :) Emily, did you feel the same way?

Reading…a good thing,

Happy Songs Are In!

The following have given me their Happy Songs:

  • My Brother: Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen
  • My Mom: Your Song by Elton John
  • My Son: Move It by will i am (Madagascar 2 version)
  • My youngest Daughter: Axel F by Crazy Frog
  • My Sister: I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

I have updated the playlist with their songs…so you can listen and be happy :)



P.S. : Click here to read previous post about happy songs. Don’t forget, if you are receiving this as an e-mail, you will have to go to my blog to hear the songs on this playlist. Just click on the play button (triangle) and the music should begin.

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A Night at the Oscars…

…was the theme for the Hospital Gala last night. They had a red carpet with “paparazzi” taking pictures. The decorations were movie posters, cardboard life-size cut outs of movie stars, little plastic Oscar trophies and even a star walkway with the health care nominees. All of the tables had filmstrip wrapped around the centerpieces. The nominees were for Best Doctor, Best Nurse, Best Department, etc. After eating dinner and announcing the winners there was a live auction with one of those men who does auctions for a living…you know speaking extremely fast with a huge southern draw. They auctioned off a dinner with our State’s Senator, night at local bed and breakfast and some jewelry…all the proceeds benefit the hospital. Last of all, they had a live band. How do you like this for the band’s name: The Mid-Life Crisis Band. They did a good job, just not my type of music to dance to. Bummer on that end! Overall it was an enjoyable evening. I was especially glad no one else wore the same dress I did. :)
My kids enjoyed teasing their dad endlessly last night. My youngest asked, “Dad, why are you wearing a BOW!?” This was their first time to see their dad in a tuxedo. I thought he looked handsome and debonair. The kids just laughed at him continuously. I am sure they will be recalling this memory later on saying, “Dad, remember that time you wore a bow tie?” laughing hysterically. My oldest took our picture. Thank you for babysitting last night, Daughter :)
Gotta love the movies,