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Boy! My brother sure does know how to get me going…this is written in reaction to his comments on his blog.

He writes:

“I have early voted, and I am very excited to see whom our wonderful electoral college elects. I’m not so much excited to see who wins, but to finally wave goodbye to our incompetent and fearless leader, George W. Bush. I’m sure he’ll go back to running businesses into the ground or just wander aimlessly around his new Presidential Library. Most importantly, he needs to stay out of politics, as this will be most beneficial for our country and the rest of the world.”

Why is it that people want to bash George Bush? Honestly, do people really think that it is all the president’s fault for everything that goes wrong in this country? To me, that would be saying that our country has a dictator and this is not true. We have a democracy and whatever Bush wants doesn’t mean it automatically happens. Things have to go through the House and the Senate too. Besides, the democrats are the majority in both houses right now. So how come no one is blaming them? The thing that bothers me most is when people say things like this above (sorry bro, you kind of asked for it!) that it in someway sends the message that they could do the job as president better than him. Do we really know everything that the president has to do to be the president? Talk about STRESS! That job has to be the hardest job on the earth! I would never want to do it. I commend each president on doing the best they can do.

In regards to George W. Bush, he has served as president now for 8 years and before that he was governor of Texas for 5 years. Why would you say that he needs to stay out of politics when he has experience in this field? I am really curious to where you are getting your information to form your opinions about this topic. Anyway, I know you are entitled to your opinion. I was just surprised to hear such blatant hatred for President Bush.

Unless we have walked in that person’s shoes, how can we judge them?



  1. Ricky Staats says

    Well, I sure didn't mean to offend anyone or start any kind of argument. However, with the comments I made, which are my opinions, I should have expected this. I definitely agree with you, on the fact that all the presidents have a great deal of pressure and stress, carrying out the role of president. However, his experience doesn't mean that he is qualified for the position he has been appointed. The quality of his experience, is what I have looked at, and I have never been impressed. As I end this comment, I would like to say that we are so fortunate to live in a country where people can discuss views and opinions, freely. And I respect all other opinions, as there is no reason to discredit anyone else's.

    Love & Peace

    Ricky (lil Bro)

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