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My camera’s battery died not long after The Jonas Brothers (JB) got on stage. So I finally got a hold of K’s camera and chose 100 (yes, there were more than 100 photos taken!) of the best photos for the new slide show. It is posted above this post on my blog.

In the beginning you will see K walking up to JB’s tour bus. We found out from our good friends Amy & Allie (thanks y’all! =) ) that you could write on the tour bus. So with Sharpie in hand we made our way there. Fortunately it was not swamped with fans. I thought that was pretty cool. Unfortunately, I am sure it has probably been written over since then. Oh well, we won’t think about that. 🙂

Of course many of the pictures taken, we zoomed in for closer up shots. But there are a few where we didn’t, so you could see how close we were to the stages. There was one stage in the middle, round & rotating. In addition there were two ‘catwalk’ stages. We were only 9 seats away from this catwalk stage and only 10 rows back from the main circular stage. I am very pleased with how the pictures turned out. K has them hanging on her bedroom wall. (not all million of them, just her favorites, mostly of you know who, Nick of course!)

K had the idea to use the video function of her camera. Not sure if it was ‘legal,’ but considering they wouldn’t let her go up to the stage when we were so stinking close; I think it is Okay. If I can figure it out, I will try to upload it on here.

I am looking forward to the next concert I can take my kids to see. A & J are begging to go to one now. A says she would like to see Hannah Montana. Not sure who J would like to see. I definitely spent way too much time away from a pastime I enjoy immensely. Who says 30 somethings/moms can not go to concerts? I think the last concert I went to before this one was Amy Grant’s when I was pregnant with K! That was 14 years ago!!!! Besides, I should support the bands I enjoy, right!?



  1. wow! you WERE close! those tickets must have cost a small fortune seeing as how popular those guys are!

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