My Marathon Man

It is way overdue for me to write something about my patient and loving husband.

This weekend we travelled to OKC so he could run the OKC Memorial Half (13.1 miles) Marathon. We were not sure if he would be able to run it due to the house possibly being ready to move into. So he didn’t register ahead of time. Friday night he looked on the website to find out the half marathon was sold out. Saturday we left at 8am and made it to the fitness expo in time for him to register for the full marathon (26.2 miles.) He decided he would sign up for the full but only run the half. It was a warm, muggy day, but he completed his 13.1 miles with his Garmin registering at around 2:29.

Congratulations, honey, on your 2nd Half Marathon. You are doing pretty good at 40! 🙂

Keep on running,

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