Making a Lasting Impression

I have been going over different creative possibilities for my business cards.

YES, bloggers need business cards too!

As a matter of fact, I came home with MANY business cards from Blissdom last year.

Since I am going back, I wanted to do something a little different with mine this year.

Last Years Card:

I used Vista Print for these and they were “free.”  I use quotations because I still had to pay shipping which came to about $25.

Last year there were 2 cards that really stood out above the others.  Guess what I did…“Where did you get your cards from?”  This is when I was introduced to MOO Business Cards – $21.99 for 50 unique, customized Business Cards, each one with a different design.

This company’s products are superior to most I’ve seen, but not only that, there are endless possibilities, even beyond business cards.

Okay, before I get caught up in telling you all about, which by the way, has nothing to do with cows, I want to introduce the real ‘meat’ {no pun intended} of this post.  Instead of spending time telling you all about how I ended up with this idea, I’m just going to spill it.  It might be a somewhat boring story to you anyway.  So this is it…

I want to feature photos of your family on the back of my business cards.  Now before you freak out on me & think I’m super weird, not every single card will have your family on it.  Besides, this is completely on a volunteer basis.  You see, Moo has this way cool option called printfinity.

  • With Printfinity you can print up to 50 different designs on the back side of your business card!

Now, if you are anything like me you are thinking, “Yowza {love that word}, those are going to be some expensive business cards!”

  • 50 cards on premium paper cost ONLY $21.99!

That’s a pretty good price if you ask me!  Course I’ve been browsing around and know that business cards can range from “free” to $500.  Thing is, unless you use Moo, you will pay a LOT more to have something on the back of your card and that’s just ONE graphic or photo.

SHOW OFF! Design a portfolio in your pocket!

Anyway, back to YOU!  Do you have a family photo you love?  If you do, please send me a copy (familybringsjoy{at}gmail{dot}com) and I will consider it to add to my business card collection of photos.  IMPORTANT: if you are wanting to send in a photo that a professional has taken, you will need to get their permission first before sending it to me.  So far I have 19 photos {that I personally captured myself} in my business card collection:

  • 9 photos of my friends families
  • 3 photos of objects relating to my posts
  • 7 photos of my own family

Screenshot of backside of business cards so far

You see, this has been the dilemma.  Even though I began this blog journaling about my family, it’s not just about my family anymore.  Family Brings Joy is about helping you in your family as well.  This is why I didn’t want all the photos to be about my family.  I thought it would be really cool to have some of Family Brings Joy’s readers families represented as well.

If for some reason not one of my beloved readers decides to participate {which would be silly} then Moo will print some of the photos I have included in the collection more than once for a pack of 50 cards.  If you do want to participate, I promise your names will not be printed on the card or revealed at any time.  I’m basically using your family as ‘models.’  After the cards are printed I will be happy to send you the one with your family on the back.  All you need to do is include your address in the email with your photo.’s website is very user friendly.  It uploaded my photos quickly and creating the rest of my card was a breeze.  Basically, as usual, it was my creative thinking process that took the longest.  Plus, for the price of my one sided business card from last year I will receive a way cool 2 sided business card sure to make a lasting impression.  Win Win 😀

I’m excited to finish up these business cards with your family represented and see them printed!

Disclaimer: While writing this post I wondered if Moo had an affiliate program.  They do!  So by telling your friends and family about your awesome cards, you can make a small percentage.  Otherwise, I will not receive a penny from Moo for the writing of this post.  However, Family Brings Joy will benefit from leaving a lasting impression with’s cards! 😉

Unique Business Stationary

P.S.: I realize that by sharing this that other people might catch the JOY of this idea.  This means I am risking not having the card that stands out in a crowd if everyone does this.  Please credit this idea to Family Brings Joy if you write about it.  Thank you.  In this case, it might be good to be the small blog on the block 😉

Join me,


  1. Cheryl Beaty says

    I like the looks of your card so far. Do you need me to send a picture? Love, Mom

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