Just when you think…

it’s almost over, it’s not. Those of you who read my blog probably already know this news. Just in case you had not heard, our renters moved out of our old house. I haven’t wanted to write much about it because it is a very sore subject for me. There is so much more to this story but I just can’t write about it all. Here’s the condensed version:

My husband & I have worked very hard to get out of debt. We bought a small home when we moved here; knowing we wanted to one day build a home~ just the way we wanted after we paid off some things. The small, old home was a temporary situation for us. We worked diligently to get our finances in order before building a home. I thought, “it’s almost over,” then the economic decline set in while we were building. Once again, I am wondering, as in years past, will we be able to sell this home before we move into our new one? I think to myself, “remember the time you sold your home when your neighbor down the street had a sign up that read ‘sex offender lives here’.” So I have some hope.

We put our home on the market back in October last year. Right around the time our new home was to be completed (about the end of May this year), our realtor calls us about a family moving here wanting to rent our home. I guess our ‘first strike’ was that we should have done a background check on them. But no, we figure, he’s a doctor, he can pay the rent. He signed a two year lease and we agreed to move out of our house earlier than we wanted for them. Our new house was almost completed. Again, I think, “it’s almost over.” We get moved in to our new home, quickly work to clean up the old one before they arrive. One of the most difficult week’s in my life. But I keep telling myself, “it’ll be over soon enough, you will be moved in to your new home and you can begin settling in and making it home.”

If you know me, I was thanking my Heavenly Father that this family wanted to lease our home for two years. We basically only asked what our mortgage payment was. I just didn’t want to be stuck making payments on two houses. This would put us back into debt…the very thing we have worked so hard at avoiding.

The second ‘strike’ or ‘red flag’ should have been when they showed up two days early to move into our home. And the third definitely should have been when they e-mailed me on the original move in date and said they changed their minds and were not moving into our home. As I write this I am feeling like such a schmuck! (sp?) We are more naive than I think we are. Or is it more that we just have kind hearts and want to look for the good in people? What kind of people are they? They signed a legal document saying they would lease from us for 2 years. We were prepared to file a law suit. Two days later, they come back to us. “Can we start all over? We decided we wanted to movie in after all.” I should have said no, hindsight 20/20. Instead, we gave them a second chance, after all, we had a contract. So they stayed there for 2 months and then without any warning they moved out. DH went over to do some work on the basement and he saw them moving their stuff into a UHaul.

We contemplated a law suit again and then decided it wasn’t worth the pain & heartache it would cause. Yes, I know, we are too kind for our own good (literally)! I just know that God is a just God and I would rather He take care of the justice than me. To make a long story short, (didn’t do that well at that, Oh well!) our home is back on the market again. I know it doesn’t do me any good to worry if our house will sell. But how can I not, when each month we have to pay two house payments we go farther away from our goal? So again, I plead with you to pray for us. God works miracles through prayer.

Who knows, you may be reading this and saying, “why should I feel sorry for you? Look at your house, look at what you have?” Let me just say this. Would YOU enjoy what you have knowing you couldn’t pay for it? If you answer yes to this question, then we are exact opposites. When I meet my Maker I want to know that I did my best to not owe money to people.

I know that this life is a refiners fire. There will never be a time when we are not tested or go through trials. It definitely makes the good times, that much sweeter! I just want this trial to be over and move onto different ones. Yeah, be careful what I wish for, I know. I guess as long as we are trying…it counts, huh?

Thanks for reading & praying :),

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