I think my baby’s going to be…

a writer! I just went into my youngest’s room to find her sitting on the floor of her closet writing in a journal. She is only 7! On the plane home from Utah, both my girls had their journals out and wrote in them for a long time. I had so much fun reading A’s journal from school. She brought it home on the last day of school and asked me if I wanted to read it. It is like pure magic for the historian and scrapbooker in me! I love to know the inner workings of her little mind. Her writing is so pure and undiluted. I hope my children continue to jot down their thoughts and musings. Spelling doesn’t really matter (at this age)…as long as they write!

Beautiful words,

P.S.: I’ll have to post a photo of her letter to the tooth fairy tomorrow. She finally lost a tooth, but in the pool…we never found it.

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