Yesterday I kept my first grader home from school. She had some fever both Saturday and Sunday. Fortunately she was back to normal on Monday, but wanted to keep her home as a precaution. We had leftovers for lunch. We were sitting there together at the table and I was looking at Better Homes & Gardens while we were eating. I noticed this article about how blueberries are supposed to help you with memory cells in your brain. I told her I needed to buy some. She just laughed. Well, a few hours later we were out the door to run an errand before picking up the kids from school…I forgot my keys; but locked the door to the house. So we were locked out of the house & no keys to get in the car. After making a call (I had my purse and thankfully my cell phone also) to my very understanding husband, she looks at me with a very straight face & says, “Mom, I think you do need to buy some of those blueberries.” Guess what I bought at the store today, yes, BLUEBERRIES!

Have a muffin,



  1. That girl! She tells ya like it is, doesn't she? 🙂 Hope your blueberries are yummy!

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