I Feel So Less Lonely

Last Friday I posted this photo on Instagram…

A new Instagram friend read my caption with this photo:

“It’s Going to be one of those days. Grrrrrr!”

Awhile after posting the photo I laughed and flippantly added a comment under the photo:

“lol…guess it shouldn’t surprise me that no one likes this photo!  Definitely keeping things real.  Ugh.”


beesbutterfly {her Instagram user name} responded:

This sweet girl has no idea of what she did for me that day.  As a matter of fact, she and many of you don’t realize how your small acts of kindness make an impression on me.

Sharing that photo Friday morning was a little difficult for me.  I was opening up and being transparent.

I didn’t post it because it was a great photo, far from it.  I posted it to share my frustration, to share me being real and somewhat raw.  I mean, if you look at the photo of my laundry room on the sidebar to the right of this post, you wouldn’t have a clue that the room ever looks like the one above.  {Which I’m not proud or happy about in the least.}

Anyway, I was pondering beesbutterfly’s words and a song came on that expressed what I was feeling.  I decided to put together a little video with the music and lyrics. I dedicate this song to beesbutterfly and all of YOU who comment, reply and say things with EMPATHY.

Thank you for seeing me,


  1. Very nice and touching video, Shan. Some of your earlier remarks remind me so much of how I felt when you were little and growing up. I became so frustrated with trying to keep the house while trying to solicit help from the rest of the family and getting no where. It was a difficult, tiring and thankless job with no recognition except for my own feelings of happiness when the house was organized, uncluttered, and clean. It seemed to happen so infrequently and sometimes only after a meltdown on my part when I could get attention that I needed help. It was a difficult time, especially since I worked outside the home too. I totally empathize with you though. Love you , Mom

  2. This just made my day. Love the video!!
    Neena recently posted..36 Hours

  3. I love how you share your heart, Shan. Beautiful and honest. Happy to know you, friend. LOVE the video!!!!
    Jennifer_Studio JRU recently posted..love story. {31 days}

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