I DARE you NOT to dance!

There is a song I was “reunited” with lately. I have decided it is my happy song. What I mean by that is every time I listen to it it makes me happy. I can’t help but start to dance and get lost into the beat. Even my kids dance to it when I put it on. Yeah, yeah, I know it is disco…who says disco is dead?! Anyway, I am sharing it with you. Think about it, what is your happy song? Is there a song that when you hear it, no matter what mood you are in, it makes you happy. It is like all your troubles are gone while the song is playing. I am sure you do. Think about it and when you realize what that song is, let me know. I would love to put together a compilation of happy songs to listen to. You know on those days when we are feeling a little blue. Whether it be the sunless days or particular trials we are going through. This song might change over time but find the one that is yours for now. I can’t wait to hear your songs. Just send me the name of the artist and title of the song. There is no deadline and this is not school, it is completely optional, not mandatory. You will not receive bad luck or anything if you don’t send it to me. (Don’t you hate those chain letters!) I will add songs to this playlist as they are sent to me.

Anyway mine is by Patrice Rushen, Forget Me NotsI dare you not to dance! 🙂 Push play on the player and go ahead & dance, no one is watching, get up and move around, it really will make you feel good!

Music makes me happy,


  1. Shan,I like the bass line to that song, it’s funky! Well, my song would probably be Crazy Little Thing called Love by Queen. There are so many, but this one I think is cool!

  2. Ricky,
    I have to say I like Cheap Trick’s version better. There are many bands who have done this song, who is the original writer? Does anyone know? Hope to hear more happy songs!

  3. Tom, Sarah and Bevan says

    Hey, don’t know how else to contact you, but I do know that quote, let me see if I can dig it out…. Thanks for reading my blog:)

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