How do you press on?

Last night I went to bed at 9:00pm.

I hoped today I would feel rested and be productive.

Hasn’t happened yet.


Why do I still feel tired?

Hmmm…lets review, maybe it’s because there are way too many things on my to do list these days?

Maybe it’s because we have had something planned every single night last week?

Maybe it’s because I’m tired of arguing with my daughter about how I don’t want to do another slumber party for her birthday?

Maybe it’s because I’m planning for another outdoor family portrait and the weather man says it’s going to rain again?

Maybe it’s because I have a baptism to prepare for?

Maybe it’s because I didn’t get my children’s rooms done this school year like I hoped and summer vacation is less than 10 days away?

Maybe it’s because my face is broken out{acne} so much…I look horrible.

Did I mention we are supposed to get our family portrait taken tomorrow…which might not happen AGAIN; but if we do I will look hideous!

Maybe it’s because companies keep sending products I order to my old address?

Maybe it’s because the outfit I ordered for our family portrait has not arrived yet? Just arrived while writing this post.

Maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to take a break lately?

Maybe it’s because I’m behind on laundry?

Maybe it’s because my iphone won’t ring anymore?

Maybe it’s because I spent 2 hours looking for my daughter’s yearbook receipt and still can’t find it?

Maybe it’s because my closet is an utter and complete unorganized mess and I don’t know when I will find the time to get it under control?

Maybe it’s because I found water damage in my daughter’s bedroom today?

Maybe it’s because I don’t have an awesome blog post to offer my readers today?  Instead you have to read this awful list of yuck.  I’m sorry. 🙁

Holy cow, my life is way off balance right now!  Now wonder I feel this way!  I’m beginning to feel paralyzed due to being overwhelmed.  That’s definitely not good.  I have way too much to do for that to happen.

Do you ever feel this way?

If so, what do you do to get out of it?  How do you press on?

Just in case:

  • Yes, I have taken my medicine today. {However, large amounts of stress seem to cancel it out}
  • Yes, I ate breakfast.
  • Yes, I took my vitamin packets.
  • Yes, I ate lunch.
  • Yes, I’ve done 4 loads of laundry. {still behind}
  • Yes, I cleaned up LOTS of clutter so my wonderful housekeeper could actually clean this morning.
  • Yes, I changed my bed sheets.

Sorry for my pity party,


  1. Well Shannon, I think we all feel like that, and not just sometimes. I think we are balanced as we selectively ignore all that needs to be done and focus on what’s most important at the moment. I can relate to many of the things on your list. Have you tried Proactiv for acne? I have acne problems as well and Proactiv has worked for me. Mine is getting out of control again too so I’ll be ordering some soon. As for your daughter’s baptism I would be happy to help with anything you need. Refreshments, piano playing, whatever…just let me know. Also, just thinking about your question at the end–I feel like I have accomplished what I need to when I pray and read my scriptures. I can do amazing amounts of things and still feel like a failure if I haven’t done those 2 things. And, I can feel like I did what I was supposed to if I accomplish JUST those 2 things. Some things I do to get out of the pit of despair are to blast church music (I really like the EFY music for teenagers), go walking (very FAST), write in my journal so I can better see what I’m doing right, do service (then I forget about myself), think about Emma or the pioneers and how their lives were much HARDER, do something I am actually good at and enjoy instead of what I have to do (like piano or organizing), relax and let everything go for awhile while I veg by watching TV or reading princess books in bed, or just eat some Ben and Jerrys ice cream (I’m trying to steer away from that one so I can lose the mommy gut!) The talk by Dallin H. Oaks called “Good, Better, Best” is a good one too. I don’t know if I’m helping at all but you can rest assured you are not alone in your feelings. And, Heavenly Father can give you ideas for feeling better and pressing forward if you ask HIM. That’s where I got many of the ideas on my list! love ya Shannon! I hope you feel your best again soon! Let me know if I can help in any way.
    love, Dani

  2. Hey Shannon!
    I’m so sorry you’re feeling yucky today! I totally understand! I’ve gone off on a few rants lately myself. 🙂 I hope your day starts looking up very, very soon! I wish I was there so we could to lunch or a movie! I loved Dani’s comment! We all can relate with you! I’m not always good at it…in fact, I fail quite often…but when God is my center, my focus, my days seem to go so much better! I’m so thankful for His grace whether I’m doing “well” or not, but if I will stop and regroup with Him – pray, read, journal, listen to His voice – then I almost always feel better. Music and ice cream help too (which I, too, am trying to steer mostly clear of these days)! 🙂 Love you, and I’m praying for you!

  3. Dani & Sara, first of all, I’m quite surprised to receive comments on this very discouraging post.

    You both are very right to put God first. Almost every morning I read my scriptures or listen to an uplifting talk to begin my day. Today was no exception. I could not make it through this life without conversing with my Father in Heaven and reading from His word.

    Even so, I was just in a bad place, feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with many things. Probably not the best time to write a blog post. 😉 I appreciate both your loving words of wisdom and especially your friendship! It’s good to hear what others do to get through a bad day.

    Oh and Dani, I will take you up on the offer of playing the piano for Avery’s Baptism. Thank you so much!! Sara, thank you for loving me and praying for me…I’m blessed to have both of you as friends. 🙂

  4. I also appreciate what your friends have written. I have gotten myself in the same overwhelmed state and it has so much to do with my self expectations. It seems like what I usually have to do is talk about it with Richard and that helps immediately–just saying it out loud. Of course he always wants to come up with immediate solutions to help and sometimes he gives me really good ideas. Taking time out for me to rest or think about something else for even a short time has been helpful so that I can approach what is ahead of me with more energy. I do know that continuing down the same path with no interruption is sure burnout. I think you have taken a good step by blogging about your feelings. I don’t know how much it helps to know that the same things happen to others but you can rest assured that it does. Sometimes I make lists and try to prioritize what is most important and focus on those things first. I hope your stress will ease very soon. I love you, Mom

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