House Update

I just pulled my SD card out of the camera thinking I would share some updated photos of the house with you. Well, I don’t have many. I realized I haven’t been taking as many pictures as I used to…hmmmm. It could be for several reasons. 1) I have a pattern of NOT taking pictures when I am not feeling good. (I also don’t journal much during these times too – can’t you tell?) The stress lately has been overwhelming. 2) There hasn’t been a lot of activity or noticeable change. (thus the stress) 3) When I’m at the house I forget to take pictures because I am intently observing or thinking about what needs to be done…distracted.

They have painted 99% of the inside of the house now. It looks good, do I have pictures to show, no…sorry! I will do better next time and take a few. They installed one wall of the kitchen today. I totally intended on taking pictures of it, with camera in tow…Oh well!
The dreaded question that people are asking, “When will you move in?” I know people mean well, it’s just that I unfortunately don’t have an answer. I really have no idea. I talked with a friend on the phone yesterday who is also building right now. I told her I feel as if we are never going to move in. This feeling is horrible…like we are spinning our wheels for nothing. The original plan was the house would begin being built a year ago this month. Instead, it began in June. We thought we would be able to move-in in January, then it moved up to the middle of Feb. and well, here we are…no idea! Every time we try to put a date to “it” (meaning the move-in date) well, it seems something else happens.
Sorry to complain…I shouldn’t. God has blessed us and I am grateful for his blessings.
P.S.: The photo above is of the master bath.


  1. Well, Shannon…I’m glad we’re gonna be friends just because you’re funny! =) I laughed out loud a couple of times in your Jonas Brothers and “I’m just a CHILD!” posts! So funny! The movie sounds fun. My sister took her kids too! I’m sure it’s HUGE right now!!! Is it showing here? I bet Asher would even like it. He’s little, but he loves music! I’m so sorry that you haven’t been feeling well and that your house stuff is so stressfull!!! Sounds like we need to go do something fun! =) Talk to you soon! Sara

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