Good Day…despite the time change!

I did have a good day today and thought I would take the time to write about it. I was able to start the day out right (despite the whole family getting up late) by attending a new mother’s group I was invited to by my new friend, Sara. We were scrapbooking and I took too long deciding what I would bring to work on and showed up late. But like I say, it’s better late than never. I was excited to meet new moms being the people person that I am. The only problem was upon arriving I felt a little OLD. I was the only mom there with all her children in school. All of the moms there had children at home still. In a way, I kind of felt like an outsider. I certainly hope they did not feel I was an intruder. All I know is…even though my kids are in school, it doesn’t mean I don’t need to be around other stay at home moms. At least I had my kids to talk to during the day when they were home. Now I don’t have anyone to talk to during the day unless I make a call to someone. (or they call me 🙂 ) I’m not trying to sound pathetic or anything…it’s just the plain truth. We all need relationships in our lives and friendship is very important to me.

So I enjoyed meeting the women and was able to eat lunch with my new friend Sara. Sara, thank you for the yummy chicken salad sandwiches you made us for lunch. She has two adorable children. Her youngest is a sweet baby girl, Ainsley, who reminds me of my girls when they were babies. I love both her kids names. Asher is her son’s name. He is a little gentleman (2 years old), he asked if he could be excused from the table after eating his corn dog. I was very impressed!

I only had about an hour after lunch to stop by the new house before picking up the kids from school and see the progress on the kitchen cabinets. I have good news to report…they finished the kitchen cabinets except for the extra bar area and the island! We finally have a kitchen! I am so excited! And even better news…the builder thinks we will be moving in between 30 to 45 days! By the way, Mom, the laundry room is the same blue as our bedroom just couldn’t take a picture in there because it is too dark. The youngest’s room is white. She told her Dad today that her room is not finished until the polka-dots are put on the walls. I will post a picture of her room when the dots are up. 🙂

After so much fun and excitement, I felt I would crash after returning home with the kids. This time change has affected us all. Even though I am tired, here I am still up writing on my blog. It’s kind of hard to wind down after watching Heroes and Medium. I never realized I would end up being such a sci-fi person.

I know the last few posts have been kind of “downers” so I thought it would be good to have a more upbeat entry for a change. I hope everyone reading this finds themselves having a good rest of the week. Thank you for being a part to my life.

Happy Monday,


  1. Hey Shannon! I'm so glad you came yesterday! You were certainly NOT considered an intruder!!! =) There were actually only three of us who had been there before, and there are a few moms in the group who have kids in school – they just also have smaller ones. =) And I've got a friend who might come in the future who has two kids, and they are older boys – 6&8 or 7&9 or something.

    And thank you for coming over! I must like you to let you come over to my very imperfect house! =) (But I'm going to be working on that today…that's why I've got to get off this computer. =))

    I'm happy for you that your house is coming along! I can't wait to see it! It's going to be beautiful…and you can finally SETTLE! I know that will be such a burden lifted off your shoulders!

    Have a good Tuesday! I'll talk to you soon!

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