Good Communication is Vital in Strong Families

Through communication we share how we:

  • Feel
  • Think
  • Want
  • Need

In a nutshell, it is how we know get to know each other.

I learned recently about a wonderful communication acronym:


L – Listen

U – Understand

V – Validate


When you are having a conversation with a member of your family are you listening?  Are you giving all your attention to the person talking to you?  Or are you looking at your cell phone or computer, looking at the television or walking out of the room while someone is speaking to you?  We need to try and give the person we are conversing with our full attention and look at them. {if you are not driving ;)}


This is where you might rephrase back to the person what you heard them say.  If you don’t understand, say so. “Where did I misunderstand you?”  Try very hard not to assume.  Assumptions usually create contention and disharmony in a relationship.


Validating is as simple as recognizing what the person said.  Sometimes this can be done with body language; nod with the head, etc.  Sometimes this is affirming or repeating back what the person said.  Or if someone is expressing their feelings, it can be a hug.

This week keep this LUV acronym in mind as you are communicating with your spouse or children.  See if it makes a difference.  Let me know if it does.  I would love to hear from you!

Communication brings joy,

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