For the Record

I’m setting the record straight right now. Our old house, which is currently on the market, does NOT have mold in it. It is a huge slap in the face to think that anyone would consider I would try to sell a home in that condition. I have a strong sense of ethics and standards. If anyone truly knows me & my family you would know that. I am always teaching my children to leave a place in better condition than it was when we got there. We bought our old home knowing it was a temporary place for us to live, until we were able to build a new home. We made expensive upgrades to the home and just replaced the roof. We had no problems living there. We purchased the home thinking it would be easy to sell when it was time to move. It is in a good location, priced very reasonable, and move-in ready. If you know anyone who is distributing rumors that we have mold in that house, please know that it is entirely FALSE. Serious home buyers can have an inspection done and see what I am saying is true. Whoever buys the home is getting a very good deal.


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