First Day of School Traditions

Today is the first day of school where we live.  Yep, it is nice and silent here in my home.  Ahhhhhhhh…sigh.

Anyway, we have developed some first day of school traditions in our family.

  • Donut shop for breakfast as a Family
  • Take photos of the kids

First Day of SchoolYou can find more cool ideas for the first day of school or first week of school on Tip Junkie by clicking here.

Now I’m off to be pampered at the beauty salon.  Time to wash away those grey hairs and stress. 😉

Love routines,


  1. We start on the 22nd … I love first day of school traditions! So special for each family because everyone does something different – kind of like how each family does something different during the holidays 🙂 I hope your kids have a great year!!!

  2. The kids look so cute. I hope they had a good first day of school. Love, Mom

    • Thank you, Mom. They did. Seriously, it was a good day all around, for everyone. J had football practice and A had Jazz & Ballet. Now DH, K & J are at church. Talk about a FULL day!! 🙂

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