Family Home Evening

Last night we had our weekly tradition of holding family home evening or FHE. This is a time where we turn off the TV and sit together as a family by sharing a lesson, praying, singing hymns and if it is a good night…an activity &/or treat.

I decided we needed to teach the kids the importance of commitment. We went over what it meant, what are exact commitments are to each other as a family and also to our Heavenly Father. I have realized after starting a new program (The Total Transformation) due to my son’s misbehavior that my ineffective parenting style sometimes sends mixed signals about this important character trait. So while I work to become more effective, I hope in turn, I teach my children that it is important to keep their commitments. At the end of the lesson, I quickly reintroduced accountability…we have to be held accountable for our choices. If we decide not to keep a commitment…there are consequences. As parents, we have to hold our children accountable to commitments they have made to us.

Our activity was our treat! We made Carmel apples! It was fun to make them…super easy and delicious to eat, very ooey gooey by the way. It reminded me of when I would make them with my family growing up. It may end up being an October tradition.

Happy Fall Yall,

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